Thursday, September 4, 2014

Going Out With a Bang - Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic Day 11

I'm a little late getting my final recap of the festival up, but getting back in the real world after being on vacation for more than a week took its toll! Haha!

On Monday morning when I got up I could hear the rain beating down outside. I decided to go ahead, brave the rain and head out to Silver Dollar City to see Tribute Quartet. I got there for their 11:30 show that morning. 

They really are becoming one of the top quartets in the industry. They sang a couple of songs from their latest project including "I Will Rise," "Those Who Know Me Know" and "In the Valley He Can Hear My Voice." The last one featured Anthony on the first verse and Riley on the second. This was one of my favorites that they sang!

They also sang a couple of their standards like "He Is Leading the Way," "Makes Me Want to Go" and "Homesick Angel." They ended their set with "Good News from Jerusalem." This is definitely becoming their signature song! It's an incredible song to see and hear them sing live!!

I had to leave the park, but came back to catch the last show of the Diplomats. I'm really loving this lineup of the group. They sang a lot of familiar songs like "When I Cross to the Other Side of Jordan," "I'm Going There," "I Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey Now" and "Rainbow of Love," which featured Joe.

Jimmy pulled a few people from the audience to sing "This Little Light of Mine" with them. One of the guys had made a sarcastic comment from his seat earlier, so he thought he would choose him to pick on him in return. Well, the guy could really sing. When he started, Jimmy just shook his head and told him to go sit down! Haha!

They did an instrumental version of "Unclouded Day" that was great! This group has a lot talent not only vocally but also as musicians!

This year the Booth Brothers were given the task of closing out the festival. It's always a treat to see these guys live but especially coming off the announcement of Jim leaving the group and not knowing if I'll get to see these three sing together again. 

They sang several favorites like "The Blind Man Saw It All," "Welcome to the Family," "Trading This Cross for a Crown" and "I See Grace."

They sang a couple from their latest release Isaiah 12:2, which I was able to get a copy of Monday night!! One of my favorites that they sang was "I'm Only Passing Through on my Way Home." They sang it all around the one mic. It's a beautiful song about Heaven and remembering that this world is not our home. They also sang "If God Didn't Care" and "What Will You Do With Him" from that project.

One of the highlights of the night came right before intermission when Ronnie sang "Then I Met the Master." Absolutely love hearing him sing it live and see the power he puts behind the song! Another highlight was Michael on "Look for Me at Jesus' Feet."

The guys sang their latest hit "I Played in a Band" which always gets a huge audience response! Such a fun song for them to do live. It would have been easy to them to go out with that song, but they chose to bring the focus back to Jesus and end with "Because He Lives." Michael said it was one of the most powerful songs that had ever been written.

But if you pay attention to social media, you will know the night didn't exactly end with singing. The Booth Brothers had been challenged by Triumphant Quartet to do the ice bucket challenge. And they were up for it! So they went out with a bang, and the festival ended a little icy! :) Check back tomorrow for the full video of the challenge!

Overall, it was an incredible 10 days, and I was sad I had to miss the day I did. Seriously, if you are wanting to attend a major Southern Gospel event next year, consider joining us at Silver Dollar City. The park and its staff do a spectacular job with this event every year! The dates for next year are Aug. 28 - Sept. 7.


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  2. I kept waiting to see the Collingsworth Family on here! Maybe they weren't at the Picnic this year? Or maybe they were there on the day you missed??

  3. No, they weren't there this year! :(


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