Sunday, September 21, 2014

NQC Coverage

My answer about whether or not I'm going to be at NQC has been the same for the last several years - "Maybe next year." This year, it's the same. One year I will actually make it there in person!

But for this year, like in years past, I'll get to experience NQC via the webcast. I'll watch it as much as I can this week and have a recap of highlights each night. I know Thursday and Saturday nights I'll get to watch the entire night's webcast, the other nights I will be hit and miss. I'll just have to hit the highlights of what I can and watch what I miss online later. Part of the beauty of the webcast is being able to watch it all on-demand either for the first time or enjoying it for the second time.

What are your plans for NQC? Attending in person or virtually like I am?

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