Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NQC Day 3 Highlights - National Quartet Convention Recap

Tonight was one of those off again and on again watching the webcast. I caught some performances after I got home from work and then a good bit of the later sets after I got home from church.

The past few years there has been an all-quartet night on Wednesday. While this was not the case tonight, quartets had a strong showing tonight! I feel like that was the majority of what I saw. The first group I saw tonight was the Kingsmen. They sang several from their newest release. Tribute Quartet closed the night out. While they are still considered a relatively young group, they carried the responsibility of ending the night well. They are also the last group another night this week. Another relatively young quartet that sang tonight was Old Paths. This group gets better each time I see them, and they had one of the standout performances of the night with "Love Live the King."

There were a few family groups in the mix. The Mylon Hayes Family got to sing one song on main stage, "Little Is Much." In this case, little was not much, this family definitely needed more time on stage! They are fantastic!!

Guy Penrod sang a set primarily of worship songs and hymns. He had the audience join in with the words on the screen or at least they were on the webcast. I applaud the efforts to make it more interactive and like a worship service, but it seemed a little out of place to me with the mix of a contemporary worship service feel.

From pictures on Facebook, it looks like I missed Connie Hopper joining her family on stage for the first time since her surgery. That's a moment I'll definitely have to watch on demand!

Again, I'm not sure there was one moment of the night , but here are standout performances/ highlights for me (in no particular order) -

  • "Yes, I Am" - Kingsmen
  • "Little Is Much" - Mylon Hayes Family
  • "King Is Coming" - Mark Trammell Quartet
  • "It's Still the Cross" - Gold City
  • "He Made a Change" - Legacy Five (joined on stage by Ernie Haase)
  • "Long Live the King" - Old Paths Quartet
  • "New Day Dawning" - The Whisnants
  • "In the Valley I Can Hear His Voice" - Tribute Quartet

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