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The Greatest Story - Triumphant Quartet - CD Review

Triumphant Quartet's latest album, The Greatest Story, was released on April 9, 2013. This 15-song
project shows why this group has been named the favorite quartet for the last several years in the Singing News Fan Awards.

First, I love projects that contain more than the usual 10-12 songs. Yes, normally that means that there are a few filler songs, but as a fan I can't help but have the mindset that more music is always better. Many of the songs have been covered by other groups previously, a few even by Triumphant themselves. I keep getting reminded that I'm still a relatively new fan and not as familiar with older projects, so some of these sounded new to me! Most songs are traditional quartet style.

I liked how within the first few songs all seemed to take turns featuring each of the four singers. This lineup of Triumphant is so solid and has been for the entirety of the group which is a rarity in gospel music, so it's really nice to see that come through not only in concerts but also on the projects.

The first single from the project is "Take It From Me Meshach," and this is one of my favorites from the project. This uptempo songs makes a great radio single, and judging by how much I'm hearing it, radio stations are loving it too! It's definitely a Triumphant Quartet-style song. I predict this one will also be a fun one to see them sing live, along with "No Such Thing."

I liked hearing Clayton Inman on "Thomas Never Doubted Again," but I thought his strength of a lead singer really came out in "He Would Do It All Over Again." I love the message of that song, and the orchestration of the song is great!

Eric Bennett also does a great cover of "Because He Loved Me." I love this rendition of the "The Greatest Love Story," the title track. There are some tweaks from the original version, and Eric's bass vocals are just incredible on this song.

David Sutton has such a great tender tone to his voice. He has some great moments during several of the songs, but my favorite feature of his was "He Was There All the Time."

Scotty Inman is growing not only as a singer but also as a songwriter. His feature "I Go to Calvary" is one of my favorites on this album. He also co-wrote two songs with Dianne Wilkinson, "Heaven Will Be Mine Someday" and "I Can't Help But Smile."

"There's a Fountain" is one of the more traditional quartet sounding songs on the project. The blend and tightness of the four vocalists on this song really comes out!

"I Saw the Light" is an instrumental song. I love the piano and harmonica songs live in concert, but it wasn't my favorite to listen to on CD.

Album rating - 4.5 stars - This album has so many great standout songs that it was really hard for me to narrow it down to a few favorites, but the lack of original songs moved it down a bit for me. At the same time, it's hard to beat an album that has 15 solid songs, not all are standouts or my favorites, but all are very solid!

1. "Because He Loved Me"
2. "I Go to Calvary" **
3. "Thomas Never Doubted Again"
4. "Take It From Me Meshach" **
5. "He Was There All the Time"
6. "No Such Thing" **
7. "He Would Do It All Over Again" **
8. "There's a Fountain"
9. "Heaven Will Be Mine Someday"
10. "I Saw the Light"
11. "I Can't Help But Smile"
12. "Jesus Is the Anchor" **
13. "I've Got Confidence" **
14. "If You Had the Only Key"
15. "The Greatest Love Story" **

** Personal favorites

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