Thursday, May 16, 2013

Aaron and Amanda Crabb - Mercy - CD Review

Aaron and Amanda Crabb released their third and latest project as a couple in April. The couple serves as worship leaders at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. Aaron is also one-fourth of Canton Junction after traveling for years with his family as the Crabb Family.

You can tell that this project is by worship leaders. Many of the songs of this project have a more worship feel, but southern gospel fans will not be disappointed. All of the songs have such a great message and meaning behind them. Aaron and Amanda helped write more than half of the songs on the project.

The album starts with "If I'm Guilty," which features more of Aaron while Amanda comes in with beautiful harmony parts. I love the message of this song, "if I'm guilty, let me be guilty of too much mercy." Wow! Lord, help me to think like that! Convicting lyric!!

The first half of the project is so strong. The first three songs are all favorites of mine. "Somethin' About Love" is a fun, more upbeat song that has a country flavor. I also love "Take Him to the Place," which has been sent to radio.

Amanda's beautiful soprano voice has really developed and she absolutely shines on several songs. However, I love her singing "God Loves the Broken." There is a beautiful tenderness to her voice that comes out when she gets into her higher register. Another great vocal performance from Amanda is on "It's Gonna Rain." Her voice immediately grabs you at the beginning and pulls you into the song.

"I'm Learning" is also a song with a strong country sound. Aaron really shows off his lower register on the first verse with a little bit of a Josh Turner sound.

Album rating - 4 stars - This album is a must buy if you lean toward more praise and worship songs. Aaron and Amanda Crabb have really developed their own style and their vocals have grown stronger with every project they release.

Song List:
  1. "If I'm Guilty"
  2. "Somethin' About Love"
  3. "Take Him to the Place"
  4. "I'm Learning"
  5. "God Loves the Broken"
  6. "Holy"
  7. "It's Gonna Rain"
  8. "Without You"
  9. "Come on, Come on"
  10. "Reaching Out"
  11. "Guide Me"

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  1. This couple are new to me. I fear their billing as Contemporary Christian may put some non-believers off the music. Which would be a huge shame because If I'm Guilty works on lots of levels. It's a wonderful humanitarian song, and more country than most songs on country radio at the moment.


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