Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun Clip Friday - Triumphant Quartet

Happy Friday! Here's a gem of a video that was posted on SocialCam. "The Old White Flag" is always a fan favorite with Triumphant Quartet fans and Clayton Inman, and everyone also knows that Jeff Stice is not a big fan of the song on stage. However, thanks to Jamie Minchey on SocialCam, she captured what happened when the song was requested and Clayton was not there! Enjoy!



  1. Lauren, how did you embed this? Thanks!

    1. At the bottom of a SocialCam video in a window on your computer (not sure if this is an option for mobile or not), there are two tabs, social and video info. Click on "video info" tab, and it will give you an embed code! If the tabs aren't present, click to see comments and then they should appear. Hope that makes sense and helps!! :)

    2. Thanks! Hmmmm, looks like doesn't like that kind of code, but I can play with it later. Thank you for this clip, it's wonderful! :)


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