Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Enjoying the Moments - Beyond the Ashes

Beyond the Ashes - Dustin Doyle, Anthony Facello
and Tyler Vestal
Sunday night I had the chance to see Beyond the Ashes for the first time in person. I was excited to see reviewing their latest album, Living in the Moment. The more I listen to it, the more I love it and think I might should go back and adjust the rating even a little higher! There were plenty of stand out moments from the concert to enjoy!

Tyler Vestal formerly of Freedom was singing baritone for the group that night. Anthony said during the concert that it was only his third night with the group. I'm not sure if he is just filling in right now or not. Regardless, he did a great job for just being his third day with them. I was impressed that not only had he learned to sing the songs, but many of his he had learned to play along with on the keyboard!

The group had a great lineup of songs, mixing classic favorite songs with songs from their latest CD. Here's a breakdown of what they sang:

  • "Amazing God" - Love that they started the concert with this song. It really set the night off with a more worshipful feel. 
  • "Over for Good" - This was a favorite from their Living in a Moment CD, so I was glad they sang it! Dustin played guitar while he sang and really impressed me as a musician as well.
  • "Amazing Grace" - Dustin started out playing on guitar and then sang a verse. Tyler then played part of it on the keyboard and they sang a bit more of it.
  • "Just Over in the Gloryland" - Tyler played this on the keyboard.
  • "What a Meeting"
  • "Walking With My Eyes on Jesus"
  • "His Eye Is on the Sparrow" - Anthony had talked about before this that he was raised in church with a little soul to it, and he definitely put a soulful spin on the song that really showed off what a great singer he is! One of my favorites of the night!
  • "Living in the Moment" - They had the audience whistle along at the beginning of the song, which was pretty fun!
  • "Oh Happy Day/ What Can Wash Away My Sin"
  • "He Looked Beyond My Faults" - Tyler played and was featured on this song and did a great job!
  • "I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary" - This was the vocal performance of the night! As I was taking notes, all I said was "Wow!" beside the song title and as I was writing it, the crowd started clapping. We were all feeling the power of the song and the moment!
  • "Peace in the Midst of the Storm" - Another powerful song and loved hearing Dustin sing this live! This song is my absolute favorite from their latest project. It has a great message and hearing the delivery that Dustin gave the lyrics live was incredible! This stretch right before the offering/ intermission were my favorite moments of the night!
  • "Oh the Thought That Jesus Loves Me"
  • "I Can't Even Walk" - Anthony was featured on this, and it was another standout moment of the night for me!
  • "He Is Here" - Great choice to end the night on!
If you get the chance, definitely go see Beyond the Ashes! 

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