Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A cappella - Who Does It Best?

If you're like me, a few names immediately come to mind as having amazing, standout a cappella performances. They have the tight harmonies and the long notes that can send shivers down your spine. These groups not only have one signature a cappella song, but have several they can pull from their repertoire.

Here are the four names that come to mind as being the at the top of a cappella singing -
  • The Isaacs
  • The Martins
  • The Nelons
  • Sisters
I don't think it's any coincidence that all of these are family groups. Here's examples of why these groups stand out to me above the rest:

The Isaacs

The Martins

The Nelons


What do you think? Is there another group that comes to mind when you think of amazing a cappella singing? And who do you think is best when it comes to a cappella singing?


  1. GVB is the best. Really loved the old Cathedrals a cappella stuff...

  2. All of these groups are fantastic! I voted for the Isaacs but on second thought maybe the Martins are my favorite... and the Sisters... it's so hard, they're all so good! :D


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