Thursday, January 31, 2013

Through the Night - When Lyrics Speak

It has always amazed me how that God gives groups songs even before they knew they needed them. Two examples that come to mind immediately are the Bowling Family with "A Miracle Today" and the Greenes with "When God Has Another Plan." The message of these songs always meant something to these artists, but the songs meant even more after God had these artists go through specific trials. The latest example that has come to mind is the Perrys with "Through the Night."

I'll admit "Through the Night" was not one of the immediate stand out tracks to me on the Perrys' new album of the same name. However, after learning of Tracy's stroke last week, it's the one that I immediately thought of playing.

The message of the song is one that speaks of going through a trial that doesn't really make sense, but praising God through all of it. Praising God through tears and through questions. I'm amazed at the faith that Libbi has shown through every update she has sent out. Despite going through, no doubt, one of the toughest storms of life, she is giving praise and glory to God through it all. It's one thing to sing about this, but now the Perrys are living this.

Thankfully, we are seeing God work through this situation. The news of an improved CT scan yesterday and no new bleeding shows that God is still in the healing business, and we can believe that He will continue to work and heal Tracy. We can praise God for what He is doing through this for their testimony and ministry and what He will continue to do. Libbi mentioned in one update recently that there have been four people saved from hearing their story.  And I can't wait to see how even more incredible the ministry of the Perrys will be when God brings them all through this.

I love the line that says "You were never less than faithful, though Your hand is not in sight." We don't always see Him working, but He is always faithful and always there. Whatever you are going through, remember that there is always a reason to praise Him during a storm. Even though we don't understand, we have to trust that He will see us through the night.

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