Thursday, January 17, 2013

Changes for the Crist Family

Breana Crist has announced that she is leaving the Crist Family's group (Hat tip, Daniel Mount). Valerie Crist will replace her in the lineup. Breana got married in 2012 and is leaving follow God's leading in this next stage of her life with her husband. Valerie will start singing with her family in February. Breana's last date with the group is February 26.

Below is a portion of Breana's farewell letter. The entire letter is on the Crist Family's website.

I am so thankful for who God has helped me to be through the lessons I’ve learned in this ministry and from my family. I thank God for the journey and adventure it has been for me sing and travel all over the country and different parts of the world. I have met so many people who have loved me and encouraged me through the years. Now, as my husband and I go a new direction, I go with a full heart knowing that I am loved by my family and by you. I go with courage knowing that God is watching over us. I go with confidence that even though we may not always have everything we want, God will always provide us with what we truly need. I go expecting that He will continue to change me and grow me into the woman of God He knit me together to be. And I go with urgency believing that He is coming back soon.

Lastly, I have been so blessed by each of you. Even though I’m very excited about what God has for me in the future, it is still very hard for me to say goodbye. You have become more than a friend, you have become like family to me. To all of you who have fed me, clothed me, treated me to Starbucks, bought me computers, remembered me on my birthdays and at Christmas, taught me about mutual funds, prayed for me and loved me I thank you will all of my heart. I will never forget the memories we’ve shared together over the last eight years. I love you all!

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