Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Clip Friday - Madison and Shannon Easter

Happy Friday to everyone!! Anyone have big plans this weekend? I'm hoping to be able to attend a concert this weekend, but my plans still aren't concrete right now. I'll definitely have a recap for you if I do!

For today's Fun Clip Friday post, Madison and Shannon Easter (son and daughter-in-law of Jeff and Sheri Easter) shared a music video yesterday of a song they have written and will be on a CD they are releasing. I've heard Madison sing occasionally with his parents and it's no doubt he got the music genes, but I was really impressed with him singing on Morgan's solo project. I got to hear Shannon fill in for Morgan last spring, and thought she had a great voice. She handled the soprano harmonies really well and was featured on "Hold Me While I Cry" that really showcased the talent she has.

Not only are the song and vocals great, but I was really surprised with the quality of the video work. See what you think!

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