Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heart of Worship - 11th Hour Concert Recap

I had the privilege of seeing 11th Hour on Friday night in Quitman, Ark. This was my first time to see the group, but was familiar with some of their music. I was looking forward to seeing them for the first time in person. It wasn't any ordinary gospel concert, but truly a night of worship. From the first song, "Heart of Worship," it was evident that the group was not about entertainment, but truly worshiping with the audience.

Here's a breakdown of the songs:
  • "Heart of Worship" - The concert started with this worship song, and Amber on the keyboard singing. This song really set the tone of the night.
  • "My Heart's Door"
  • "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus" - People were standing from the first note of this song. The audience was very responsive all night to 11th Hour. It was clear how much they were enjoying the concert. For most of the fast songs, people stood from beginning to end. It was during this song that it really struck me that the combination of Amber Eppinnette and Candice Jordan was very reminiscent of Joyce and Judy Martin.
  • "Example" - The was Candice's feature of the night. Great song and great voice!
  • "Farther Along"
  • "Gather 'Round"  - This was the first time we really got to hear Ethan Allen's voice. He normally plays bass with the group.
  • Amber made the introductions next. She announced that Justin Morphis is leaving 11th Hour to take time to concentrate on his family. Ethan was filling in for the weekend and only had a week to prepare.  I think he did a great job with so little time to prepare. 
  • "He Sees What We Don't" - This was my first time to hear this song, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was written by Amber and Joseph Habedank. Amber conveyed the message of this song beautifully.
  • "I Like the Promise"
  • "Sounds Like Angels" - The group had several a cappella encores of this song, and they were amazing. The vocals were absolutely incredible. One man from the audience said, "Well that will wind your clock!" Haha!
  • "Grip of Grace" - Ethan was featured on this Perrys tune.
  • "When I Knelt" - Candice took the first verse, and Amber the second. Beautiful rendition of this song!
Brief intermission and offering
  • "Steppin' Out" - This was the song I was most familiar with of the group's. It has definitely has made its way up the charts recently.
  • "Bloodline"
  • "God's Still God" - Another uptempo song that brought the audience to its feet.
  • "Revelation Song" - This song was a pure invitation to worship. Everyone was standing, joining in singing in praise to God. Amber played along, keyboard only, no tracks.
  • "Room With a View"
  • "Adam's Fall"
  • "Daystar" - Great song to end on. Amber played this one on the keyboard as well and sang. 
If you get the chance, definitely go see 11th Hour. It will be interesting to see the future of this group once they get a new vocalist with Justin leaving. I mentioned this earlier but the combination of Amber and Candice reminded me so much through the night of Joyce and Judy Martin. Both talented vocalists individually and dynamite together.

One thing that really stood out to me about this group besides their vocal abilities was their hearts and their intent with the music. They truly made it about glorifying God and not just putting on a show. It wasn't a concert, but they really made it a worship service. 

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