Monday, January 7, 2013

Melody Boys Quartet Final Concert

The Melody Boys Quartet said goodbye after 63 years on Monday, Dec. 31. It was a night full of great quartet singing with more than 15 Melody Boys Quartet members and former members there. Throughout the night they showed pictures of all members who had sung with the quartet. They also included pictures of several people who had worked in different capacities with their ministry.

They also played special video messages from individuals who wanted to pay tribute to Gerald Williams and the Melody Boys. Some of these included messages from Ryan Seaton, Bob Brumley and Bill Gaither.

I really hope I'm not leaving anyone out, but here is a list of all the members/ former members who were there:

Gerald Williams sings as Mike Franklin, Jonathan Sawrie
and Jeremy Raines look on. 
  • Gerald Williams
  • Scott Baker
  • Doug Boydston
  • Gary Bullock
  • Mike Franklin
  • Alan Kendall
  • Doug Kramer
  • Caleb Matheny
  • Dean Porter
  • Jeremy Raines
  • Terry Robertson
  • Jonathan Sawrie
  • Jason Tapley
  • Chris Walton
  • Steve Williams
  • Tim Williams

The guys sang for more than 4 hours right up until midnight, so I'm just going to hit the highlights:

The concert started with the arrangement of the Melody Boys Quartet who were together the longest, Mike Franklin, Doug Kramer, Jonathan Sawrie and Gerald Williams. They sang "God Is Great, Good and Merciful" and "Happy Rhythm." They knew how to get the concert started off on the right foot. They also sang "Sing Me a Song About Jesus" after the first intermission that was another favorite song during the night.

Jeremy Raines was featured on "The Lighthouse," and it was definitely a highlight of the concert. He is one of my favorite people to hear sing this song.  He sang along with Mike, Jonathan and Gerald "Check It Out." I still say this is my favorite lineup of the Melody Boys Quartet. Jonathan was featured "The Robe of Calvary" which was amazing and another highlight!! They also sang "It Is No Secret" together and halfway through Gerald's son, Steve Williams, joined them. He took over for a little bit to give Gerald a break. The other positions had plenty of people to rotate in and out, but since Gerald was the bass singer for 63 years, he didn't have that option!

Caleb Matheny sings with Tim Williams, Chris Walton
and Gerald Williams
Alan Kendall sang with Steve, Tim Williams and Caleb Matheny and was featured on "Then I Met the Master." This lineup with Gerald also sang "Hide Thou Me" that featured Tim.

Mike, Chris and Dean Porter sang an uptempo arrangement of "Are You Washed in the Blood?" that was another highlight.

They sang several patriotic songs in the middle of the concert including "One Nation Under God," "Welcome Home" and "American Christian." Chris Walton sang the last one and had the audience on its feet clapping along. He announced during the concert that he would be joining the group Restore. In fact, throughout the concert, several of the guys mentioned what they are doing now. Most of them are still in music ministry whether they are singing with a group or serving at a church.

Gerald got to sing with all three of his children during the concert which was a really sweet moment and a great tribute to the legacy he has made.

The last portion of the concert had all members of the Melody Boys coming to the stage for an all-sing. It was by far the best part of the concert, seeing and hearing all of them together. Here's what they sang:

  • "Antioch Church Choir" - featured Jason Tapley
  • "Jesus Is With Me"
  • "Pray"
  • "I've Got That Feeling"
  • "Sinner's Plea"
  • "On the Jericho Road" - Gerald Williams was amazing on this one, rattling the pews he went so low. His voice has not diminished at all.
  • "Somewhere, Someday"
  • "Give the World a Smile" - Classic Melody Boys song and a great way to end. And the audience was on its feet through most of it to show their appreciation for a great group and a great night!
I've got a couple of videos from the night on YouTube and have a couple more that I will get uploaded soon!

With more than 15 singers there, I was really impressed by how well the transitions of different group arrangements went. It was organized very well, and the entire concert went very smoothly.

It was a great tribute to the Melody Boys Quartet and to Gerald Williams who have exited after 63 years of singing gospel music.


  1. Hidee Lauren,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful review! It was a marvelous concert! It was a joy to finally meet you! Thanks again!
    Take care,

  2. Since I was not able to attend I really appreciate your review - THANK YOU!! Also thank you for your videos! A Forever TMBQ Fan From Idaho, ~Shanna~

  3. We had a GREAT time that night. Will go down as one of the most memorable nights of my career. Thanks for the video footage, look forward to seeing more!

  4. Thanks everyone! Gayla, really enjoyed getting to meet you as well!


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