Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gold City Concert Recap - Sherwood, Arkansas

Several Southern Gospel groups have been making stops in Arkansas recently, so I’ve definitely been taking advantage of that. It had been a while since I’d seen Gold City in a full concert by themselves, so I was glad to see a concert in Central Arkansas on the group's schedule.

Gold City - Bryan Elliot, Thomas Nalley, Chip Pullen, Danny Riley
and Chris West
When I first started listening to Southern Gospel, they were one of my favorite quartets. Last Saturday night, I was reminded of why. They have so many great songs, and this lineup is sounding great together!

Here's what they sang -
  • "I Cast My Bread Upon the Water" - Always a great song to get the concert going! 
  • "God's Still Good" - Loved hearing Chris on this song. He does an incredible job! 
  • "Redeemed" - Love their version of this song. Chip had been sick the night before, but showed no signs of illness that night! 
  • "I'm Saved, I'm Sure, I'm Ready"
  • "Goodbye World Goodbye" - This was Brian's piano solo. I'm not sure why he doesn't get more recognition for his piano playing skills. Such a great talent!
  • "Walkin' and Talkin' With my Lord" - It was great hearing them stage this song again.
  • "He'll Do It Every Time" - Great hearing this older Gold City song. Right before this song Thomas gave his testimony of the miraculous healing God gave him. He suddenly and unexpectedly lost his hearing one weekend. At that point, he was with the LeFevre Quartet and he tried to resign from the group knowing he couldn't sing like once could. But they kept him on, praying for him and him searching for answers with doctors. He stayed on with the group but not as tenor. One weekend he had several people come up and pray and lay hands on him while he was at the product table. Later that evening, his hearing suddenly came back. Incredible testimony of how God still works miracles and heals people!   
  • "Victory in Jesus" 
  • "Farther Along" - I love their version of this song! Danny tears this song up. He has to be the most underrated baritone in gospel music. I love how he really brings out the soulful side on this song. He commented before the song about how much he loved the hymns and how good it was to hear his daughters singing the songs after this project. Of course, he said this version of "Farther Along" was nothing like what he grew up with!
  • "I'm Not Giving Up" - Thomas nailed the high notes on this song! He is sounding great with these guys.
  • "It's Still the Cross" - Such a powerful song, always a favorite.
  • "Power of the Cross" - This is probably my favorite modern hymn. Glad they included it on their latest hymns project!
  • "Peter James John" 
  • "When I Get Carried Away" - It was good hearing this new lineup on this classic Gold City song. They are sounding great together!
  • "There Rose a Lamb" - This was the highlight of the night for me! Chip does such an incredible job on this song.
  • "Midnight Cry" - Always a favorite!
  • "I Surrender All" 
It was so good to see Gold City again. They ended the service with a time of invitation singing "I Surrender All." It was such a blessing to see how God moved and used the group to minister to people that night. It was a night of great music, but more importantly they encouraged and ministered to the people there that night. It was a great service. Be sure to see when Gold City will be in your area, and go see them!


  1. Hi Lauren! Would love to have you come to FBC Newport, AR this Friday night and do a concert review of the New Dove Brothers!

    1. Thank you so much for the invite and letting me know about the concert! Unfortunately, I can't make it Friday, but I will add it to the calendar so maybe others will see and attend!


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