Thursday, March 24, 2016

Two for One - Spoken 4 and Representatives - Concert Recap

I hate running late. And as I sat in my car in a deadlock on the highway a few weeks ago, I knew that the concert would be starting without me there and there was nothing I could do about it. Thankfully I'm guessing I only missed a song or two.

The concert I was headed to see that night featured the Representatives and Spoken 4 Quartets. The Representatives are based in Arkansas, and Spoken 4 is a group based in Branson, Missouri. The two joined forces that night for a great night of worship and quartet singing.

The Representatives were on stage when I got there. Gospel music fans might recognize the quartet's tenor singer, Johnny Parrack, who spent many years with the Kingsmen. They sang several songs you might be familiar with including "Plan of Salvation," "Walking With Jesus," "When They Rings the Bells of Heaven" and "Sail Away Home."

I've seen this group a few times, and they always do a great job. One thing that impresses me is they don't use tracks on every song. Many times it's just the guys' voices and the keyboard. Their bass singer is a recent addition to the group. He was featured on "Even So Come Lord Jesus."

Standout moments from the first half were Ryler Wilson featured on "It Made News in Heaven." and an a cappella song "The Judgment" that they ended with.

After the Representatives, Spoken 4 took the stage with "Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome." They sang several familiar favorites like "He's My Song," "Standing on the Solid Rock," "Who Am I" and "When the King Comes to Claim His Throne."

Cecil Stringer showed off his low range on "Life's Evening Sun." He has to be one of the lowest bass singers out there.

They also sang a few from their new project Undeniable. "A King and a Pauper," which features Jon Charles Taggart, was definitely a highlight. They ended the first half with "Grace Runs Deeper," another highlight of the night!

The thing I love about this group is how unashamedly they are about their ministry. They know it's a way they make a living but it's nothing if they don't draw people to Him. Jon Charles made the statement that it's all about Him, no one should care about them. They want to stay hidden behind the cross.

Each group came out and sang a few more songs in the second half before the two groups sang a few together. The Representatives featured Johnny on "Oh What a Savior," and he's still got it! Great hearing him sing this classic! They also sang "Whiter Than Snow," another highlight of their set!

Spoken 4 sang "Hold Me" and "I Know My God Can Do It" before Brandon Britton gave his testimony. He has a moving testimony of how God worked in his life through depression, suicidal thoughts and his mom's death. Great to hear his honesty and how he allowed God to use his life and how He delivered him. This set up another new song, "Hope Was Carved in a Rolling Stone." Steven Hickingbotham closed their second set with "That's Why He Died."

The two groups joined forces for "Rock of Ages" and "Glory Road." Loved hearing all of them together! It was a great evening with both groups.

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