Monday, February 29, 2016

Having Church with 11th Hour - Concert Recap

With 11th Hour's new release What a Moment, it's evident that this group is just getting better and better. I'm glad they made a stop in Arkansas just a couple of weeks ago for an afternoon concert. It had been more than a year since I'd had the chance to see them.

11th Hour - Jaquita Lindsey, Amber Eppinette and Grant Gibson
It was good to hear them stage so many songs from What a Moment. To me, one of the marks of a really great project is when groups will sing many of the songs during their concerts and not just the new single. However, the thing that most stood out to me that afternoon was how they let the Spirit guide the service. The group was very attentive to how the Lord was leading and working and adjusted the service and their songs according.

The afternoon started with Jaquita singing "Bound" from their latest release. I liked the choice to start with this song. It is definitely one of my favorites from the project. Then Grant was featured on "He's Alive and So Am I" also from What a Moment. Amber sang "Jesus Is in the House" next, which was the group's first #1 song. I liked how you really got to hear from each group member on the first three songs of the afternoon.

Then, they sang "Can You Burn." I'll be honest, this wasn't a song that really stuck out to me, but really enjoyed seeing and hearing it live. Then, Amber sang "How Will You Plead." I love this song! Always good to hear Amber sing this one!

Jaquita then sang a song that she wrote entitled "I Trust." She does such an incredible job on this song! She is not only a talented vocalist but also writer. Grant then started "Nothing But the Blood" a cappella, which led into "Bloodline." This is another favorite 11th Hour song.

At that point Grant said they were supposed to take a break, but he could sense the Spirit moving and that he felt that they needed to keep going. He then started "He'll Roll You Over the Tide." You could definitely see church break out at that point. They kept singing pretty much continuously from 11th Hours to classic Southern Gospel to some praise and worship. It was incredible to see how the afternoon unfolded with people coming to the altar and surrendering to God's leading. The rest of the afternoon included -

  • "I Still Trust You"
  • "When God Shows Up"
  • "The Potter Knows the Clay"
  • "Adam's Fall"
  • "Holy Spirit"
  • "Take Me to the King"
  • "In the Presence of the King"
  • "He Sees What We Don't" - My favorite 11th Hour song, and the perfect song to close such a great service with!
Amber made the statement that in order for us to stand like we're supposed to, we have to learn how to kneel. We have to take away our pride and die to self to draw closer to Him. When the altars opened, you could feel the Spirit moving and knew that God was working in lives around that building. We had an incredible afternoon of worship. It was amazing to see how this group was so perceptive and just surrendered the service to the Spirit's leading.

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