Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Testimony of God's Faithfulness - Perrys Concert Recap

Sometimes it's good to be reminded of God's faithfulness and goodness. I have only seen the Perrys a couple of times since Tracy Stuffle has returned to the road. Each time, it's been such a testimony to the healing power of God and the perseverance and desire that Tracy has. He has such an inspiring story, and it's incredible seeing how God has worked and how he's falling right back into his role on stage.

The night started with the video testimony "This Is My Story" from NQC. It was a great way to set up the group and the service. Here's a line up of how the night went  -

The Perrys - Andrew Goldman, Troy Peach, Libbi Stuffle,
Tracy Stuffle and Jared Stuffle
  • "I Got a Hold of God This Morning" - Great way to start the night. Always been a fan of this song!
  • "Still Blessed" 
  • "I Rest My Case at the Cross" - This was the song that first drew me in to the Perrys music, so I always love when they stage this one. The thing that really stuck out to me as I was watching was the conviction they sang this song with. It was so apparent with each group member just how much they believed every word of what they were singing. Standing ovation from the congregation.
  • "I Know It Was the Blood" - And everyone just stayed on their feet clapping through this song!
  • Troy turned over the intros over to Tracy to let him introduce the group members and share wit the group members. Tracy thanked each person who had prayed for him after his stroke before he introduced the group. It was good hearing his humor and quick wit throughout the night especially picking on each member. 
  • "When He Comes Walking on the Water" 
  • "I Claim the Blood" - Libbi spoke before the song and shared a little bit more of their story. She talked about how Tracy went from being perfectly healthy to their world being turned upside down. She said how easy it is to praise God when everything is going well. When the storms of life blow in that's when you realize how much you take home with you on Sundays. Things don't always turn out how we want, but God always has a plan, we just need to trust. They were able to make it through the trials and storms of life, just like we are, through the blood. 
  • "Keep On" - I'm a fan of this song from their latest project. Troy asked the audience to stand and sing along during the chorus. 
  • "This Old Sinner Testifies"
  • "Both Sides of the River" - Great hearing Troy featured on this song!
  • "Did I Mention" - This is probably my favorite song to hear Libbi sing. 
  • "If You Knew Him" - It's not a true Perrys concert if they don't sing this song!
  • "Whosoever Will" - Loved hearing Andrew sing this song. He's really one of the great lead singers in the industry. 
  • "Almost Morning"
  • "Holding On To Me"
  • "The Unexpected Storm"
The last four songs were all during the time of invitation. The service had a long altar call, but the Perrys kept singing. One thing that impressed me was when Libbi saw that a young girl needed some extra prayer, she came down and prayed with her.

The entire night was a testimony to the faithfulness of God. It was a night full of worship and bringing all honor and glory to God for what He has done. If the Perrys are close to your area, don't miss them!

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