Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kingsmen Quartet - Ward, Arkansas

With social media we live in such an instant world. We have so much information available at our fingertips. Now when groups change members, fans know pretty much instantly and get early looks through concerts and online videos of groups when they have people filling in and trying out. While it's good for fans it also puts pressure on groups and new members. That being said, this won't be your traditional concert recap.

I had the chance to see the Kingsmen a couple of weeks ago with Chuck Pettyjohn singing tenor for them. He filled in with the group at the end of last year as well. It was great seeing him with them that weekend!

The night was a great night of worship with some fantastic quartet music. Here are some highlights of the night -

  • I loved getting to hear Ray Dean Reese on "Healing Stream." This was a great moment. He shared a little bit of his testimony and battles with cancer so it was special to hear how much this song means to him. Randy Crawford talked about how with each battle of cancer that Ray Dean has faced that he has always had the attitude that it's just a victory in the waiting. Such a testament to his faith!
  • They sang several great, older Kingsmen songs like "Meet Me at the Table," "I've Got a Reservation and "The Next Cloud." Great hearing some of these songs live again!
  • They also pulled out "Glory Road," which is a great tenor feature that really showed what Chuck can do. They also featured him on "Look For Me at Jesus' Feet." It was good to hear them let Chuck step up. They had a lot of fun with him on "Glory Road." He really sounded great with the guys, and they seemed to have a lot of fun together on stage.
  • They really had a good mix of the older Kingsmen songs and some of the newer ones from Battle Cry including the title song, "Oh Yes I Am," "I Know" and "Come and Dine." 
  • "Cross of Grace" has become such a great song for the Kingsmen. I love hearing Bob sing this one! It was definitely a standout moment of the night.
Before the invitation Randy talked about how Easter was just around the corner. His prayer was that with each song people would know Who they had been singing about. He said we should be changed each time we are in His presence - that really stuck with me that night. Do I take full advantage of each concert/ service I attend? Am I really seeing them as a worship service and not just a concert? Is my heart ready to worship? This group made sure He was the focus of the night.

I feel like a lot of times with groups in the middle of a transition we can focus on that and leave out the ministry part. However, their message and the gospel was front and center.

I'll leave you with a short clip of "Meet Me at the Table." 

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