Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ransomed - Down East Boys - CD Review

The Down East Boys' latest project Ransomed was released two weeks ago. This is the first project with the new lineup of Ricky Carden (lead), Daryl Paschal (baritone), Steve Lixey (tenor) and Rick Walls (bass). This group has always had a strong presence in gospel music, and this project is yet another solid release from the quartet.

The album kicks off with "A Reason to Sing" featuring lead singer Ricky Carden. Dianne Wilkinson wrote this song and, in fact, has three cuts on this project. The harmonies on this song really stand out. It's just a great quartet number.

Ricky is also featured on "Somebody Left the Door Wide Open." This is a great uptempo number. The song has a bit of a soulful feel with the choir backing up the quartet.

"The Song of the Ransomed" is a definite highlight of the CD. It's another feature for Ricky, and another song where they have a choir backing them up. I love the way it starts slow and then builds with the choir coming in. You really can't go wrong with a Dianne Wilkinson/ Sue Smith song.

"A Theives' Paradise" is a feature for tenor Steve Lixey; he's actually the only one singing on this song. It's a great tender ballad with a soft piano track that really showcases his voice. It's definitely a highlight of the project.

The other great ballad is "The Cross Speaks Louder" featuring baritone Daryl Paschal. The message of the cross never gets old, and this song is a great reminder that the cross overpowers our sin.

"One Way, One Name, One Door" will definitely have you tapping your foot and clapping along. It's a great uptempo number, and I think their first radio single. To me, this was the perfect choice! The song features Daryl. I can also see this song being a favorite in live concerts.

You really get to hear the group's blend on "I Still Remember," "That Wonderful Land" and "Now a Witness Am I." "I Still Remember" is a straight Southern Gospel quartet song that quartet fans will love!

I haven't seen this lineup of the Down East Boys live, but I hope I can soon. If this project is any indication, the best is yet to come for this group.

Song List -
1. "A Reason to Pray"
2. "Somebody Left the Door Wide Open"
3. "I Still Remember"
4. "The Song of the Ransomed"
5. "That's What You Get for Loving Him"
6. "A Thieves' Paradise"
7. "One Way, One Name, One Door"
8. "That Wonderful Land"
9. "The Cross Speaks Louder"
10. "Now a Witness I Am"
11. "Pray"

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