Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What a Moment - 11th Hour - CD Review

11th Hour celebrated its first #1 song earlier this year and has now released its third album, What a Moment. This is the second project featuring the lineup of Amber Eppinette, Grant Gibson and Jaquita Lindsey. And I have to say this is their best project to date!

Amber is one of the bright young songwriters in the industry. It's no surprise that her name is among the writing credits. Jaquita also has talent as a writer with a cut on this project.

What a Moment starts with "Mountain Moving Faith" that is an uptempo song to get you going. This is the first single off the project. "Look at Me Now" is another one that you'll find yourself tapping your foot along to. These two are great choices to kick off the CD.

I have to say my favorite song on the project is "He Welcomes the Beggar." An incredible song with a great message and reminder that we are nothing without him, just a beggar. Amber sings this one, and it's also one she cowrote. I love the buildup of the song, and the picture it presents.

Jaquita has the feature on "Bound" which is a fun song with a fun play on words. I like that we hear more from her on this project. However, my favorite song of hers is "I Trust," which she wrote. The beautiful ballad is the perfect closer to this project. I love the line - "When I cannot trace His hand, I trust His heart."

"Love Still Holds Our Scars" is another great ballad that Grant sings. It's great to hear him on this song that really showcases what a great voice he has. He also sings the verses on "He's Alive and So Am I" which is a strong Southern Gospel number.

"When God Shows Up" is another great ballad featuring Amber. The soft piano track at the beginning sets the tone perfectly for the song. The song is a powerful reminder of the times when God showed up in your life. With the dynamic writing trio of Lee Black, Kenna Turner West and Dianne Wilkinson, you really can't go wrong!

I know it's only February, but I can already see this project being among the top albums of the year. If you've never heard 11th Hour, you're missing out! Make sure that you don't miss picking up a copy of What a Moment!

Song List -
1. "Mountain Moving Faith"
2. "Look at Me Now"
3. "Love Still Holds Our Scars"
4. "Bound"
5. "He Welcomes the Beggar"
6. "He's Alive and So Am I"
7. "When God Shows Up"
8. "Can You Burn"
9. "Ain't No Bones"
10. "I Trust"

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