Thursday, February 11, 2016

When Lyrics Speak - Why Should I Worry

I'm a worrier. I'll admit it. I worry over things I shouldn't, things I can't control, things that will never happen. I find my mind drifting into various "what if" scenarios. And fear develops over things that will more than likely never come to be.

Monday morning I found myself worrying over a real situation. I was stressed out and already imaging the worst in my mind. When it came time, the event I was worried about had to be postponed, and I found myself really wishing I could have just gotten over it already. I couldn't believe how much time I spent that morning fretting over it when nothing actually happened that day.

I heard this song and I was reminded that worry is pointless. Why should we worry and fret when God is always right there? What do we really have to fear when God is in control? Why do I worry when He's been faithful time and time again. Just a reminder for all of you but mostly reminding myself again. 

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