Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jim Brady Trio Concert Recap - Wynne, Arkansas

It was no big surprise to me when the Jim Brady trio was named the top new trio at the Singing News Fan Awards. This group hit the ground running last year and never looked back. They even had the #1 song in Southern Gospel radio for 2015. I had the chance to see the trio at Gerald Wolfe’s Gospel Music Hymn Sing last fall. However, I didn’t get a chance to really hear the group, so when they came to Wynne, Arkansas earlier this month, I knew I had to be there!

In 2014, I attended Something Beautiful with my mom. It was a women’s conference that Melissa hosted and featured Melissa and Jim singing together. I hadn’t really heard Melissa sing before but was so impressed with the incredible talent she has! It was evident from that event how great Melissa and Jim sounded together. I’m glad to see them getting to sing together full-time now.

They sang plenty of songs from Jim’s days with the Booth Brothers along songs from their A New Chapter project that was released last year.

Here’s a list of what they sang -

  • “He Saved Me”
    Tim Parton, Melissa Brady and Jim Brady
  • “Steppin’ Out in Faith” - Melissa said after the concert that this song really defined their ministry and their year last year taking the step to start this new ministry. It was a song that she and Jim wrote together going through the faith chapter of Hebrews and all those heroes of the faith.
  • “I'm Free”
  • “In My Heart There Rings a Melody” - This featured Tim on the keyboard. This was really my first chance to see and hear Tim. I was definitely impressed!
  • “I Have an Anchor”
  • “Keep on the Firing Line” - It was good to hear them sing this old hymn!
  • “God’s Been Good” - This one featured Tim on a song from his Legacy Five days.
  • “The Love of God” - This was definitely a highlight of the night!!!! I love their version of this song! Melissa shared the story of her grandmother and how she didn’t come to know Christ until late in life. She stayed with her grandmother every chance she had when she was younger. They had such a special relationship, but her grandmother didn’t know Jesus and didn’t want a relationship with him. As a child she didn’t understand why her grandmother didn’t want any part of being a Christian. She prayed and prayed and as she got older and started traveling she asked people to pray for her grandmother. Her grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer but still refused to acknowledge her need for a Savior. Thankfully not long before she passed away, she decided that she was ready to be saved. Melissa said that it was such a reminder of God’s love in answering her prayer and loving her grandmother to give her another chance to receive Him as Savior
  • “You Can Depend on Jesus”
  • “Unforgettable” - With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, Jim and Melissa sang this old love song from a project that they did for Jim’s parents’ anniversary several years ago. This was such a precious moment. There’s something so sweet about seeing a husband and wife sing together.
  • “Just a Little While” - Tim played this one.
  • “Lord’s Prayer/ Moonlight Sonata” - Tim also played these two pieces today. It was beautiful. He’s such an incredible piano player!
  • “How Great Thou Art” - They led the congregation with this one.
  • “All Over the World”
  • “Half That’s Never Been Told”
  • “Every Cry Is Heard” - Love hearing Jim sing this song!!
Don't miss your chance to hear this trio if they come to your area! 

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