Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When Lyrics Speak - Didn't I Walk on the Water - The Dunaways

This year my church has been reading through the New Testament together. We started the first full week of January reading through Matthew, a chapter five days a week. The next Sunday our pastor will preach on one of the passages from the week’s readings. It’s been a great experience so far, not only helping me stay more accountable with time in Word, but opening up communication and discussion among friends on how God has spoken to us individually reading the same passages.

Because so many gospel songs are scripture based, songs will often pop into my mind that relate to what I’m reading. For example, every time I read about the woman with the issue of blood I’ll start humming “Thread of Hope.” If it’s the story of Lazarus, I’m going to think about “Four Days Late.” And I could go on.

This particular morning, the reading was in Matthew 14 where Jesus walks on the water. There are a number of songs that could have gone through my mind, but I kept coming back to this one –

Sometimes when we look at the struggle in front of us, it’s so easy to remember how God has been faithful in the past. Why do we doubt that this time will be different? He’s the same God who walked on the water and calmed the sea.

The song reminds us of all the miracles of Jesus while here on earth, but not only that it brings it home to His faithfulness in our own individual lives. The same God of miracles then is a personal God to me. He helps me and is right by my side no matter how petty my situation is. And believe me, I’ve prayed about some petty things.

I think the message of this song is so applicable at so many times in our lives. He is always there for us as His children, and He is more than able. When I look back on my life, I can see how He’s been with me through every step of the way. He’s delivered me from bad situations and worked things out when I haven’t seen a way possible. He came to my rescue and walked beside me.

It’s easy for us to lose sight of the big picture sometimes in the midst of circumstances. We forget like Peter what we’ve seen God do. The miracle of Jesus walking on the water occurs just after the disciples saw him feed the 5,000. We all know what God is capable of, but do we truly trust Him for it?

He’s the same today as He was then. He’s the One who walked on the water.

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