Thursday, February 5, 2015

Erwins - Ready to Sail - CD Review

The Erwins are one of the best up and coming groups in gospel music today. The three brothers and one sister make up one of the youngest mixed groups in the industry. The group includes Keith (22), Kody (20), Kris (18) and Katie (14). Ready to Sail is their first release with StowTown Records.

“Ready to Sail” is the title track and an easy listening song. It really showcases what a great sound the siblings have collectively.

“Greater” is probably my favorite song on the project. I first heard it when three guys from my home church sang it at the end of a Sunday morning service. I immediately loved it and thought that a southern gospel artist should cover the song. (MercyMe originally recorded the song.) And I’m so glad the Erwins were that group! They bring such a great youthful energy to the song. It’s a must listen!

“Calvary’s One Spotless Lamb” is definitely another highlight. The ballad features Keith on the verses, and the message of the song is timeless. “Believe Him” is another Keith feature. This song lyrically is so reassuring for believers. Keith has really grown as a vocalist, and on this song he really shines.

“Power in Prayer” features Kody and Katie on the verses. However, the song is actually Kris’s testimony song. In 2009, he was run over by an SUV while crossing the street. Doctors said it would be a miracle if he were able to keep his legs. Kris received his miracle. It’s a great song, but when you know what it means personally to the group it makes it that much more powerful! I love the line that says, “it won’t be the same when you speak His name, His presence is there.”

“Take Him at His Word” is stylistically a little different than other songs, a more classic sound with a lot of horns. And the siblings get a little help from Ernie Haase on the song!

Speaking of Ernie Haase, he actually wrote one of the songs on the project. “Well Done” is a toe-tapper that Southern Gospel fans will love! The beginning of the song reminded me of the Cathedrals Family Reunion song “We’ll Work,” which makes sense with Haase’s influence. Definitely another favorite of mine!

“Isn’t He God” is another one of the more progressive sounding songs on the project. I love how each of the siblings get a chance to step out and really show off their vocals. This is one of the songs that you listen to and can’t believe that the Erwins are in their teens and early 20s.

“I Choose to be a Christian” features Katie and is the first radio single from the project. Katie is definitely one to watch vocally in years to come. She’s proving that at a young age, she can vocally match up with her brothers. Great song to really showcase what she can do!

The Erwins are definitely making their mark in Southern Gospel with Ready to Sail. Their partnership with StowTown Records was a great fit, and this project really shows that. This album is a must add to your collection!

Song List -
1. "Ready to Sail"
2. "Greater"
3. "Believe Him"
4. "Well Done"
5. "Calvary's One Spotless Lamb"
6. "Isn't He God"
7. "The Burden of Loving Me"
8. "I Choose to be a Christian"
9. "Will You Go?"
10. "Power in Prayer"
11. "Take Him at His Word"
12. "You Are Welcome Here"

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