Wednesday, February 4, 2015

God Wants to Hear You Sing - Greater Vision Concert Recap

Greater Vision is a group that doesn't get to Arkansas very often. In December, I had the chance to go down south to Louisiana to see the Jubilee gang at Christmas, which of course included Greater Vision. It's always a treat though to see them in concert and nearby.

Saturday night, Greater Vision was in Vilonia, Arkansas at Beryl Baptist Church. This church has been getting some great groups in recently. The church's pastor Wade Lentz actually filled in at bass for the Mark Trammell Quartet in May after Pat Barker left. This will definitely come into play later!

I've been to several concerts at this church now and I've never seen the size crowd they had for Greater Vision. The pastor said that there were some people from out of state who came to hear Greater Vision sing. I'm sure they were not disappointed!

Greater Vision - Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin
and Chris Allman
Greater Vision opened the night with "We Are So Blessed." Then, they went into their “Redeeemed” medley. I was glad to hear a few songs from their new project next “Come Unto Me” and “For All He’s Done.” Love hearing Chris Allman sing the title track!

Gerald Wolfe talked about how it was good to be in Arkansas. They had never been at the church before and the GPS got a little confused since a new four-lane highway had opened up. But they made it to the church!

They kicked off the singing again with “When They Ring the Bells of Heaven.” Gerald introduced Chris next and talked about how he had been a pastor of a church when he left Greater Vision and then returned to the group in 2010. Chris then was featured on “Treasures Unseen.” I don’t ever remember hearing this song live. Loved it! And then he sang “I Know a Man Who Can.” Always a favorite!!

Gerald then introduced Rodney and talked about how he has been gospel music’s Songwriter of the Year for more than a decade. And of course, he picked on Rodney a bit! Then, they sang “My Name Is Lazaurs,” another favorite!! He talked the song Rodney had written for preachers and how it was meant to encourage them and then they sang “Preacher Tell Me Like It Is.” I love hearing and seeing this song live. It’s very different from what Greater Vision typically does. Gerald joked that it sounded like a Merle Haggard type song. They closed the first half with “I Know He Heard My Prayer.” Great moment and a highlight of the night!

After the break, Gerald talked about the product they had available after the concert was over. He mentioned his piano hymn CD. A lady from near the front of the audience shouted out if they had sheet music. Gerald, without missing a beat, went to the pew rack in front of her, picked up the hymnal and handed it to her! Haha!

Greater Vision opened the second half with “He’d Still Been God.” Love this song, and the entire audience was clapping along.

Greater Vision with Wade Lentz on bass
Gerald talked about being in the foyer of the church before the concert started. He knew the pastor’s name but didn’t know him. A man came up to him before the concert started and just asked if he was going to sing bass with them tonight. Gerald said he just looked at the man and replied, “I don’t know.” He told Gerald that he knew all the Cathedrals songs. Gerald said that he did too and just went on. Gerald then said he got a text from Mark Trammell telling him that the pastor of the church was a great bass singer and knew all the Cathedrals songs. Gerald texted him back and responded that he was a little late! Gerald called Wade to the stage and asked what he wanted to sing. They sang “Thanks to Calvary,” and then Gerald asked that he sing another one, which was “Wedding Music.” He did a great job with them on both songs!

Chris was then featured on “Like I Wish I’d Lived in the Past.” Gerald then talked about undergoing physical therapy for his neck. He had been in pain one day after therapy and started looking up videos on YouTube. He found one of Tanya Goodman Sykes singing “Until You Know the Love of God.” He talked about how much the lyrics impacted him that day. Absolutely incredible song that featured Gerald! Probably the moment of the night!!

Rodney led the congregation in “He Touched Me.” He said that until we’ve been touched by Jesus that we will never know the love of the Father. He gave the invitation and they ended the night with “God Wants to Hear You Sing.”

It was an incredible night of laughs, great music and most importantly adoration and praise to God.

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