Tuesday, February 17, 2015

He Sees What We Don't - Amber Eppinette - Young Songwriter Spotlight

Today is another feature with young songwriter Amber Eppinette. This time the song is "He Sees What We Don't" which is a co-write with Joseph Habedank. This is probably my favorite song that 11th Hour has recorded, so I was glad when Amber chose to share how this song came about.

"I had written the first verse and chorus of this song during a time of joy and happiness," Amber said. "If you hear the song you'd wonder how a song so dark could come from a heart of joy. Little did I know, God was sending me words of comfort for what was yet to come." Amber didn't realize how God would later use the song and her words to help her.

She met with Joseph Habedank for a co-write session, and he helped her finish the song. "He really helped me bring the words to life by the order of the lyric in the 2nd verse and bridge," she said.

As soon as the song was finished, Amber's aunt Taisha passed away. "It was a very hard time for my family. Right at the moment of her death, I knew that song was for that particular situation to bring comfort in a time of mourning and sorrow," she said. "Years later, it is still comforting when trials and tribulations hit."

God saw ahead and knew that Amber would need the words to come back to her and comfort her. The line that means the most to Amber from the song is "He knows the end from the beginning. He looks ahead past the hurt and the pain to a place where the peace passes all understanding. He sees the sun through rain."

11th Hour recorded the song on its Stepping Out project in 2012. "It's as if I felt the hand of God placing His arms around me, sweeping over a gentle breeze of peace through His presence," Amber said after she heard it recorded.

The song not only helped her through a trying time, but helps and encourages people each night they sing it. "It was written out of a dark time but now, it means there's hope when we think there is none and there is another road ahead when we feel we've entered a dead end," she said.

Thanks for sharing, Amber! Look for more stories behind songs by young songwriters in the weeks ahead!

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