Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A New Chapter - Jim Brady Trio - CD Review

Jim Brady TrioWhen Jim Brady announced that he was leaving the Booth Brothers in August, it came as a shock to many. He was with the group for more than a decade and the combination of him, Michael and Ronnie Booth was simply incredible.

However, change is an inevitable part of life. And change can definitely be a good thing, as it was in this case. I attended the Something Beautiful women’s conference last summer that was hosted by Melissa Brady. I have to say it was just as incredible to see Jim and Melissa minister together as husband and wife. They are joined by Tim Parton to make up the Jim Brady Trio.

A New Chapter is the perfect title to describe this point in their lives and ministry. The album definitely brings you a new sound with a new mixed trio in the industry, but it also is reminiscent of what you would expect to hear from the Booth Brothers.

In fact, there are a couple of songs Jim recorded with the Booth Brothers on this new project including “When He Saved Me” and “The Half That’s Never Been Told.” The arrangements don’t stray far from the Booth Brothers, but it’s different to hear them with a mixed trio. With talented songwriters like Jim and Melissa, you would expect all or mostly original songs, but I kinda like that they chose to include a few favorites from Booth Brother days.

Another song that the Booth Brothers recorded was “On My Way Home.” I absolutely love that they chose to include this song that Jim wrote. I don’t think it got the attention it deserved as part of the Booth Brothers’ Isaiah 12:2 project. It’s an incredible song with a great message. So glad they recorded it for this project!

The project starts with “God of What’s To Come,” a new song. The song features Jim and has incredible orchestration from Lari Goss. It’s a great opening song with a reassuring message. Definitely a highlight of the album!

“Steppin’ Out in Faith” is the group’s first single and it’s a great choice. The song showcases all vocalists really well. These three really have a great sound and blend together. It’s another highlight of the project.

Their arrangement of “The Love of God” is incredible. The song has been done a lot, especially recently it seems, but it’s a classic.

“The Greatest of Miracles” is a great ballad penned by Squire Parsons that features Melissa. Beautiful song and it really shows what an amazing voice she has. Melissa is also featured on “Ordinary Love,” another great ballad. The arrangement is simple to really showcase the lyrics and vocals.

Overall, I think this is going to be one of the most-talked about albums of the year. Not just because it marks the start of a new group but because of the quality of the album. This project is a must buy from this new trio. You don’t want to miss A New Chapter for the Jim Brady Trio!

Song List -

1. "God of What's To Come"
2. "You Can Depend on Jesus"
3. "The Greatest of all Miracles"
4. "Steppin' Out in Faith"
5. "On My Way Home"
6. "Good Lord Willing"
7. "The Love of God"
8. "When He Saved Me"
9. "Ordinary Love"
10. "If It Had Not Been"
11. "The Half That's Never Been Told"
12. "That Sounds Like Home to Me"

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