Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Took It All Away - When Lyrics Speak

God can take you down some unexpected paths in life. I don't understand the way God works, and I don't pretend to. I recently had to watch a friend go through an unexpected change in life. It wasn't a welcome change, but a life change that left you standing there wondering why. When things are taken away in life, it can really cause us to question and wonder where God is in everything.

I couldn't help but put myself in the same situation. How would I react? What if God took the same thing away in my life? Would I still praise Him? How would I handle the situation?

The song "Took It All Away" by Crossway and written by Annie McRae came to mind. The first verse talks about being numb from the shock of devastation, being confused and your faith just barely hanging on. But God, if you took it all away, not just one thing, not just a couple, but all, I will still stand and praise Your Holy Name.

So many times when one bad thing happens, we find it difficult to praise Him. We are left questioning, but what if we believed in His plan praised Him for the very things we don't understand.

The second verse of the song talks about how these trials allow God to try us so that we can come out stronger in the end relying on God's strength to make it through. How much better off would we be if we stood firm in our faith praising Him when He takes it all away?

As I listened to this song again, I thought about all God has blessed me with and couldn't even grasp the devastation I would experience if all of those blessings were suddenly taken. Not only, but it what if He never chose to bless me again? I pray that I would have the strength to "rise up from the ashes of my despair" and declare that if He took it all away I would still stand and praise His Holy Name.


  1. When I read your email yesterday on this song, I went to see if it was on the CDs I have by Crossway (it was not!) I looked online and was able to hear it, so that helped, but really I hoped to find a CD! Knowing it was older I didn't have much chance of that. Good news is I did find it at a Family Bookstore, and it was most difficult to find, but it was only $1.80. Had been marked down from $17.98. I am enjoying the song you wrote about. it really makes you wonder how you might be if you had it all taken away!! Thanks! I enjoy your blog a lot.

  2. That's so awesome! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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