Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spending Father's Day with Spoken 4 Quartet - Concert Recap

Spoken 4 Quartet
Spoken 4 Quartet is based in the Branson area, but it's a treat when the group gets to Arkansas because it doesn't happen very often. Usually I get to see them in Branson at Silver Dollar City during the Southern Gospel Picnic, but it was great to see them in Hot Springs Village, Ark. on Sunday night, Father's Day.

Spoken 4 Quartet consists of Brandon Britton (tenor), Jon Charles Taggart (lead), Steven Hickinbotham (baritone) and Cecil Stringer (bass). These guys are top notch. It was good to see them in a full concert setting and not just a 30 minute set at the City.

Here's a breakdown of the night:
  • "In the Garden" - They started the concert with this song a cappella! And wow, what a way to start the concert!
  • "Try a Little Kindness" - Love this uptempo song, such a fun one!
  • "I Hold a Clear Title to a Mansion" 
  • "Every Step You Take Brings You Back to Me" - I might have the title wrong on this one. Jon Charles said he was hesitant to sing this one since it was a knew song that they weren't as familiar with. He had the feature on this song, and he really is one of the most underrated lead
    singers in the industry. Great new song on the prodigal son, hope to hear it on the new album! And the guys all seemed to know the song, so the worry was for nothing!
  • "Somebody Touched Me"
  • "Hold Me" - Cecil was featured on this one. He has such a classic-sounding bass voice. He told a story of his daughter learning to ride a bike and how she wanted to try on her own. He compared that to how we so many times tell God that we don't need His help and then fail on our own. Thankfully He will always be there to hold us. 
  • Intros - Jon Charles asked how many people were seeing them for the first time. Not very many raised their hands. So they decided to have a little fun with the group members' names and introduce each other with fake names! It was funny to hear what names of famous people they gave each other!
  • "Put Your Hand in the Hand" - They had the audience join in with them on this one.
  • "Who Am I" - Steven went to the piano and sang this one as he played. Loved hearing him sing this classic with just the piano. He also shared some of his testimony before singing. 
  • "Rainbow of Love" - This song allowed Cecil to show how low his voice is, and you could feel your seat vibrate! At the end Brandon also got to show off his upper range. 
  • "Bigger Sins" - Brandon gave his testimony and opened up about personal struggles and trials he had gone through. Then he sang this one with such power and conviction after a very touching testimony. 
  • "I Know My God Can Do It" 
  • "It's in Your Hands"
  • "We Believe" - Incredible song to end the night on!! 
If this quartet comes anywhere close to you, don't miss them! They are so strong vocally at all four positions, and they really do a great job of giving each member a chance to show what he can do.

It was an incredible night not only full of great music and quartet singing, but also stirring testimonies from personal stories to the story of how the group survived a 45-vehicle pileup in 2010. Not only will their songs and music impress you, but also how their faith shines through what's said between the songs. Thanks guys for a great evening of music and worship glorifying our Father on Father's Day!

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