Monday, June 3, 2013

Night with 11th Hour - Concert Recap

11th Hour
Saturday night, June 1, I had the chance to see 11th Hour in concert in Pottsville, Ark. I saw them for the first time in January and fell in love with their songs and their sound! Not only was I impressed with them vocally and musically, but Candice and Amber were so sweet and genuine to talk to after the concert as well.

The first time I saw them was shortly after Justin left and Ethan Allen, the bass player, was filling in for them that night. So this was my first time seeing them with new member, Grant Gibson. He has sung gospel music for 10 years and been with the groups for two months.

Here's a breakdown of what they sang:
Ethan Allen, Amber Epinnette, Candice Jordan
and Grant Gibson
  • "I Like the Promise" - This upbeat song was the perfect choice to kick off the night. 
  • "Bloodline" - This is one of my favorite 11th Hour songs, and Amber delivered a great vocal performance on this song!
  • "God's Still God" - Love to hear Candice featured on this song!
  • "He Sees What We Don't" - This is my absolute favorite song that they sing, so I was so glad they sang it! Beautiful message and you could tell it resonated with so many others in the audience by all the "Amens" you could hear. Such a powerful song.
  • "It's a Wonderful Life" - This was the first chance the audience really got to hear Grant by himself.  I was really impressed with not only his vocal ability on features, but also how well he blended with the group already.
  • "Please Come Down to Me" - Amber brought Ethan forward to sing this one, and he delivered an amazing vocal performance!
  • "Gloryland" - The four performed this one a cappella, and it had to be the vocal performance of the night! It was absolutely incredible!!
  • "I'd Rather Have Jesus"
  • "Steppin' Out"
  • "It Sure Sounds Like Angels to Me" - Another powerful vocal! They did several a cappella reprises of the chorus, absolutely beautiful!
  • "I Love Jesus" 
  • "Going Home"
  • "Adam's Fall" - Another incredible vocal by Amber and standout moment of the night. 
  • "Room With a View" - Candice was featured on this song that served as the invitation. I'm such a fan of her voice and of all the songs she was featured on that night, to me it was on this one that she shined the most!
It was a great night of music and worship. Throughout the night, it wasn't only about the music, but the heart and the testimonies shared between songs that really showed what genuine spirits they have. If you get the chance to see 11th Hour near you, don't miss them! 


  1. love to hear yall sing let me know on my facebook page or yall either one when yall are coming back into arkansas love yall be safe

  2. They are anointed and very talented group! I got the pleasure of hearing them live a month ago! I've known Amber since she was a baby! It's been a real joy to watch her grow in the Lord! I can remember this one time she was riding with us to a camp meeting in Louisiana and she sang the whole way there! I knew that God had a mighty plan for her life and I am so glad she chose to do God's work! I love all of their music, but my most favorite is, "He sees what we don't" God Bless y'all in your travels and keep up the good work! Love y'all! Sandy


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