Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Redeeming the Time - Kingdom Heirs - CD Review

The Kingdom Heirs released their latest project Redeeming the Time on May 21, 2013. The project is solid from beginning to end. It's one of those albums where it's impossible to pick out just one or two favorite songs!

Dianne Wilkinson wrote or co-wrote eight of the 11 songs on the project. Rebecca Peck also had a number of cuts (six), many she wrote with Wilkinson. I can't say enough about the strong selections on this album!

The project starts with "The Sermon on the Mount" which is one of my favorites. It's traditional quartet style that really can get stuck in your head. I think this is going to be a fun one to see live! "How We Gonna Live in Babyon" is another standout favorite of mine. And add "The Joys of Heaven" to yet another strong quartet song! You can't help but start tapping your foot along. I can see this one getting several turn arounds in a live concert setting!

"Just Beyond the Sunset" is definitely one of the strongest and probably my top favorite on the CD. I love the bass feature with Jeff Chapman showing what he can do. Another great feature for Chapman is the first verse of "Expect the Unexpected." Arthur Rice also gets to flex his vocals on this song and really brings it home!

I really liked "Just Preach It" but it's interesting they just had a recent #1 with "Just Preach Jesus." I'm not sure how I feel about the song titles being so similar within a short time span.

The tempo of the album slows down with "I Thank You." The message is simple, but timeless. Jerry Martin gets the feature on this song and really delivers!

"The Borrowed Tomb" closes the album. The concept has been covered before with other songs, but the message never gets old. There is a short chorus of "He Lives" included in the song, but I think it works really well. Great closer to the project!

Album rating - 4.5 stars - The Kingdom Heirs have consistently put out strong projects but this one might be at the top! It really was impossible for me to try to pick out just a few favorites. All southern gospel fans will love it, but if you're a fan of traditional quartets definitely put this one at the top of your list!

Song List:

1. "The Sermon on the Mount"
2. "Just Preach It"
3. "How We Gonna Live in Babylon"
4. "Redeeming the Time"
5. "Wasted Years"
6. "Just Beyond the Sunset"
7. "I'll Know I'm Home"
8. "The Joys of Heaven"
9. "I Thank You"
10. "Expect the Unexpected"
11. "The Borrowed Tomb"

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