Thursday, June 27, 2013

For All He's Done - Greater Vision - CD Review

Greater Vision's latest project is For All He's Done which was released May 21, 2013. The project is solid and is exactly what fans have come to expect from Greater Vision in the last 20 plus years.

Rodney Griffin is one the most awarded songwriters in gospel music, so it's no doubt that several of his songs are on the album. He has five that he either wrote or co-wrote. However, Chris Allman is also quite the songwriter and also has four cuts on the project, all written solely by him. This only leaves one song that a member of Greater Vision didn't have a hand in writing, which I think is a strength of the project!

One song that immediately caught my attention was "Looking for the Grace." It's a strong, up-tempo song that's sure to be a great one to see live. It features Rodney, who has several nice features on the album. This is the first single from the project.

"This Is Mercy" is a ballad that also features Rodney. The first verse tells the story of the sign being nailed above Jesus' head on the cross and what it might have said instead. It's from the same story-song vein that "No Longer Chained" is that Rodney is so masterful at!

"I Can Trust You" comes from the pen of Chris. The message and lyrics of this song are so powerful and relate to so many people. And Chris' vocals on this song take the song to a new level! Chris continues to solidify his position as one of the best tenors in gospel music. Definitely one of my favorites!

"Seeking for Me" is a cover of a Cathedrals' song. Gerald Wolfe and Chris are both featured on this one. It's another personal highlight. The orchestration and buildup to when Chris' voice soars on the second verse is incredible!

"Preacher Tell Me Like It Is" has one of the most unique concepts. We need more preachers who don't try to sugar coat their messages on Sundays, but preach and speak the truth in love. The song has a country flavor.  It's a Rodney song, both written by him and featuring him.

"For All He's Done," the title track of the project, is one that Chris Allman released on his most recent solo CD. It fits really well with on a Greater Vision project though. I also really enjoyed them recutting "The Blood Hasn't Ever Changed" that was on Greater Vision's 1996 project The Shepherds Found a Lamb.

One thing that does seem to be missing is a strong feature for Gerald. He's featured on a verse of "Seeking for Me." His voice is heard all through the project, but Chris and Rodney are featured much more on this project.

Album Rating - 4.75 stars - I think this is one of the best projects Greater Vision has released. None of the songs stand out as "filler songs." And from what I've heard they seem to be staging most of these songs live. Each song brings a strong and different message to the project, but each one brings the focus to God for who He is and "for all He's done."

Song List:

1. "Come Unto Me"
2. "Looking for Grace" **
3. "This Is Mercy" **
4. "The Blood Hasn't Ever Changed"
5. "Forever Is Sure"
6. "Seeking for Me" **
7. "Preacher Tell Me Like It Is" **
8. "I Can Trust You" **
9. "I Will Take Care of You"
10. "For All He's Done"

**Personal favorites


  1. I agree with you on everything except the 4.75 rating....I would give it a solid 5!!! Greater Vision is one group that always shows true quality in the music choices, and the harmony is precise always. The best thing, though, is their consistent testimony in their daily lives with their families. Reading this review has made me get the CD out and listen to it again while I'm typing! Keep it up, GV!! We need music that tells it like it is! :-)

    1. It was really close to a 5, just wanted to hear Gerald a little more! :) Completely agree that Greater Vision is always so consistent with their testimony and choosing the songs they sing.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  2. I love the way you can always understand the words!


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