Wednesday, June 19, 2013

300th Post

This is my 300th blog post! It's hard for me to believe that I've already been posting that long. Thank you to all who read the blog! To celebrate this milestone with each of you, I've got a fun giveaway contest!

To enter the contest, look at the picture above and comment below naming with album titles of three CDs from each number. I'll enter your name twice if you name at least two CDs that had not been mentioned previously. I'll randomly select a winner from the entries to win one of the CDs above (you will get a choice from a few of these). I'll take submissions through Monday, June 24.

Thanks for reading and coming back to visit! And good luck to each of you!


  1. Congratulations! And here's to the next 2,700 - I look forward to congratulating you at the 3,000 mark. (Take it from me - it takes a while, but it's completely doable!)

    I have most of the CDs above, so while I could enter, I'll let others do it. I wanted to congratulate you anyhow!

    1. Thanks so much! Really appreciate it!!

  2. 3:
    Jeff & Sheri Easter-Expecting Good Things
    Gold City-Revival
    Jason Crabb-Jason Crabb
    Bowling Family-Shine
    The Crabb Family-The Walk
    Beyond the Ashes-Loving What's Begun
    Mike Bowling-Where I Staand
    The Hoppers-Count Me in
    Crabb Family-Driven

  3. 3 - Jason Crabb, Expecting Good Things, Hallelujah
    0 - Life is Great and Getting Better, Shine, The Walk
    0 - Count Me In, Reach Out, How You Walk the Miles

  4. 3:
    Mark Lowry: On Broadway
    GVB: Give it Away
    The Perrys: Through the Night

  5. 3) Crabb Family - Letting Go

    0) Isaacs - Heroes

    0) Karen Peck - How You Walk The Miles

  6. From the "3":
    Mark Lowry on Broadway
    Jeff & Sheri Easter "Expecting Good Things"
    The Bowling Family "Miracles & Memories"
    Gold City "Revival"

    From the middle "0":
    The Bowling Family "Shine"
    Gaither Vocal Band "Give It Away"
    Beyond the Ashes "Loving What's Begun"

    From the last "0":
    The Hoppers "Count Me In"
    The Perrys "Through the Night"
    Mike Bowling "Where I Stand"
    Karen Peck "How You Walk the Miles"
    Karen Peck & New River "Reach Out"

    1. Congratulations to you Justin! You've won the giveaway!! Email me at with your mailing address.


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