Monday, October 5, 2015

What Is Southern Gospel?

I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker a couple of weeks ago to inspire this post. We were sitting together eating lunch. She knew I had recently taken off work to go to Branson and asked what I did while I was there. Most people I work with have no clue that I love Southern Gospel as much as I do and have a blog. So I explained that I was there going to Silver Dollar City for a gospel music festival. She asked if it was like rock gospel music. I might have giggled a bit, said "no" and paused. How should I explain Southern Gospel?

We weren't really in a place for me to actually pull up a clip to show her. And then what group would you pull up? I was at a loss. I asked if she was familiar with the Gaithers. That was a no, and I was back to the drawing board. I made it clear that it was not rock, closer to country and traditional hymns.

I know what Southern Gospel is, but how exactly do you explain that to someone else who has no frame of reference? And there's a wide range of styles within the genre. There's a big difference between Jason Crabb, the Dixie Echoes and the Perrys. I think the National Quartet Convention was proof that it's not a quartet dominated industry, so you can't just describe it as male quartets but neither is everything exactly classified as "country gospel."

So here's my question - how do you explain Southern Gospel? I'd love to know what you would have said in my shoes!

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  1. I've been in that spot before, trying to explain southern gospel to friends who listened to Klove and such! I believe I described it as being a genre that's close to traditional hymns and what we'd sing in our song services... But for someone with no background in gospel, I'd be stumped as well!


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