Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Night of Worship - Bowling Family Concert Recap

Many times before stepping foot in a door of a concert you know what to expect by the group that is there. To me, the Bowling Family is one of those groups. You know you're going to have church. You know it's going to have those "worship" moments, so you're not just watching a concert. And that's exactly what happened last Thursday night in Cabot.

The Bowling Family (now consisting of Mike, Kelly and Hope Bowling) was at The Bridge Church in Cabot. The group just released a new CD a few weeks ago, and it was great hearing so many of the new songs live. I think that's one of the marks of a great project is how many songs a group stages from it. And while there were plenty of familiar favorites, they definitely showcased their new project well!

Here's what they sang -
Bowling Family - John Jeffrey (piano), Hope, Kelly and Mike Bowling
  • "Praise God He Is Alive" - They started with this new one that features Mike.
  • "I Know Enough" - Love this song that Kelly sings! It's the most recent #1 song.
  • "I'll Be Alright As Soon As I Touch Calvary"
  • "On the Battlefield" - This is one that really got the crowd going, standing up clapping!
  • "One Glorious Moment" - I've seen Hope sing this song live a couple of times now. She is one young talent to really keep your eye on! She nails this song each time, and she's just 15 years old! This song really showcases her voice well. 
  • "Stand By the River" - The three Bowling sisters came up to sing this Dottie Rambo classic. Katelanne takes the verses with Gracie and Hope joining her on the chorus. They really sound incredible together!
  • "I Was There" - This is definitely one of my favorites from their new project! Mike does an incredible job on this song.
  • "Don't You Wanna Go" - Love the throwback to the Crabb Family days!
  • "Your Cries Have Awoken the Master" - I never get tired of this song! I'm glad they are still staging it! It was definitely a highlight of the concert! They went back and sang part of the song again!
  • "I've Got My Foot on the Rock" - Another great one from their new CD!
  • "Mourning to Dancing" - Kelly is featured on this song that's another new one! It's a great feature for her!
  • "That's What I Miss the Most"
  • "If That Isn't Love" - This was another song the three girls sang. Their harmonies are just incredible and at such a young age! 
The Bowling Sisters - Hope, Gracie and Katelanne
The Bowling Family then did a set of just worship songs. I love that that's how they chose to end the night. It wasn't about them; it was about Him. They chose to close the service with just a time of all of us singing together and glorifying the Father.

Mike said at the very beginning of the concert that it wasn't about them. It wasn't going to be about them putting on a show, but lifting up the name of Jesus. I love that about this family. And I love the way the night ended. They could have had a big toe-tapping number that had the crowd on its feet, clapping along. They have plenty of songs to choose from for that. But that's not what they did. They chose to have worship with the congregation and an altar call that was all focused on Him.

Check out more photos from the concert on Facebook!

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