Thursday, October 22, 2015

Every Hallelujah - Canton Junction - CD Review

Canton Junction - Every HallelujahCanton Junction released Every Hallelujah this summer. This is the first project released since Casey Rivers and Ryan Seaton joined the group. Together with Tim Duncan and Matt Hagee they form Canton Junction. The quartet is different than a lot of other Southern Gospel groups since it has a limited touring schedule. They are based in Texas and got started singing together in John Hagee's church, Cornerstone Church in San Antonio.

Every Hallelujah has 13 songs on it. The majority of them are new songs. The songs are very diverse, so listeners will definitely find something they enjoy! Stylistically there is something for everyone.

I think the church background is definitely evident throughout the project. They have a number of songs that I can see fitting well in a worship service with a large choir accompanying them. "Every Hallelujah" is definitely one of those. This title cut is one of the songs that really stood out to me on first listen. The guys actually do have a choir join them on the second verse. It has a great build and a worship feel to it. "I Am" is another one of these. It's an incredible song that really talks about each of the attributes of God. "Weep No More" was another song that stood out to me on first listen. The orchestration is great, and Casey does an outstanding job on the vocal feature! I can also see this being a feature with a choir.

The project also features some classic Southern Gospel songs like "When He Was on the Cross," "When I Lift Up My Head" and "The King and I." Tim Duncan featured on "When He Was on the Cross" is a must listen!

For this group to not tour as much and the lineup being fairly new, they have a great blend and some great harmonies that are showcased on Every Hallelujah. "God's Got a Better Plan" starts the project and really features the quartet's great harmonies. It was another song that really grabbed me at first listen because of the great lyrics and message.

"A Place Called Grace" is a touching ballad featuring Ryan Seaton. It's a beautiful song with a powerful message and great orchestration.

Another standout to me was "For Moments Like These." I love the message of this song! The moments when we question and don't understand -- faith was made for moments like these. Casey and Matt shine on the verses. Definitely a highlight track for me!

"I Need a Little More Jesus" is not a new song and was recently recorded by TaRanda Greene, but they definitely have different takes on the song. Either way, it's a fun, lively song! Another song that is a fun listen is "Tumbling Down." Casey does a great job on this song.

Overall, Every Hallelujah by Canton Junction is definitely worth checking out! I'm always a fan of projects with more than the typical number of songs. And it doesn't feel like they just picked a bunch of filler songs to make it longer. Because it's a diverse project with different types of songs, you're guaranteed to find something you like!

Song List -

1. "God's Got a Better Plan"
2. "Tumbling Down"
3. "It Wasn't Raining"
4. "When He Was on the Cross"
5. "When I Lift Up My Head"
6. "Every Hallelujah"
7. "I Am"
8. "A Place Called Grace"
9. "For Moments Like These"
10. "I Need a Little More Jesus"
11. "Living for Heaven"
12. "Weep No More"
13. "The King and I"

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