Friday, October 2, 2015

National Quartet Convention 2015 - Friday Night Recap

I just want to say how thankful I am for the webcast. For those of us who aren't able to make the trip to Pigeon Forge, it's great to be able to watch so much of the concerts online! I watched tonight but was also doing other things, and now I'm having to check out a little early. But here's what stood out to me tonight.

The Booth Brothers once again proved why they are at the top of this industry. I know a lot of people don't like when they take time talking away from singing, but you can't argue with what he said. They started with "Look for Me at Jesus' Feet" and then sang the new song "I Am the Word." They ended with "Jesus Saves" with the Collingsworth Family. Such a great moment of worship!!

I really like the "This Is My Story" segments they are showing paying tribute to different artists. It was a sweet tribute to Claude and Connie Hopper and all they've overcome this year. The Hoppers had a solid set as usual. Legacy Five also had a great set tonight with Trey Ivey getting a featured vocal solo!

Many groups staged songs for the first time this week which isn't that unusual. I was driving home listening to Wilburn and Wilburn's newest song written by Gerald Crabb and couldn't catch the name, but loved the song. Extremely timely, because it started off talking about a school shooting. Also loved hearing a couple of new ones by the Collingsworth Family. Their That Day Is Coming project is full of amazing songs!

It was good that several lesser-known groups got time on main stage tonight - the Littles, the Rick Webb Family and the Childress Family. Claude Hopper also brought up the Hall Sisters who sang "I Will Arise" a cappella, beautiful!

I liked how Tribute Quartet and the Talleys had sets back to back. We got a glimpse of their "Good News He's Alive" tour. Lauren Talley and Riley Harrison Clark's singing "The Prayer" was an early highlight of the evening! Also loved hearing Lauren sing "Hidden Heroes."

Apparently several groups got the Christmas memo tonight. It was interesting to me how many groups broke out Christmas songs. I love all things Christmas, but it is a little early even for me. That being said, I loved Riley Harrison Clark's (Tribute Quartet) version of "Mary, Did You Know."

Highlights -

  • "The Prayer" - Riley Harrison Clark and Lauren Talley
  • "There Is Jesus" - The McKameys
  • "Jesus Saves" - Booth Brothers with Collingsworth Family
  • "Little Is Much" - Dixie Melody Boys
  • "Shoutin' Time" - The Hoppers

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