Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sing - The Perrys - CD Review

The Perrys released Sing earlier this month. This is the first album with new material featuring the
lineup of Andrew Goldman, Troy Peach, Libbi Stuffle, Tracy Stuffle and Jared Stuffle. This is the group's second project with StowTown Records.

The group has overcome a lot in the last few years, but with this project they prove that they are still at the top of their game in this industry.

The title track "Sing" is one of my favorites. The uptempo song features Andrew on the verses. I really like the style of this song, and it's easy to get stuck in your head. But more than that the message is so relevant for this industry. Sometimes we don't always feel it, but let words and the music rise up because He is faithful, and He is able.

"Keep On" is another must listen. This is probably my favorite from this project. Libbi takes the lead on this song. The chorus of the song is full of short inspirational phrases to really encourage Christians. This is the first single off the project, and I definitely agree with that decision! "I Claim the Blood" also features Libbi and is the ballad just like she does so well. It's a must listen on this project. The message of the blood never gets old and the importance never diminishes. Libbi also shines on "Cry No More," a beautiful song about the promise of Heaven. No matter what we go through hear on earth, it's only temporary. Heaven is the place where we'll cry no more, have no fear and have no pain.

The males of the group really get to step out on "I've Never Been There." This is another highlight for me. You can hear the combination of Jared, Andrew and Troy really well. It definitely has that traditional Southern Gospel feel.

"Did I Just Hear the Thunder" starts the project. I love this country flavored song. The song really showcases how well this lineup sounds together. It definitely is a Perrys' type of song. "Fear for Faith" is another song that's exactly in the Perrys' wheelhouse. Troy Peach gets the feature on this song. Troy is also featured on "Both Sides of the River." This is another great song about Heaven. This song really fits Troy's voice so well. He communicates each lyric so well, you can tell he feels what he is singing.

Andrew is really stepping out as such an incredible lead singer. I love his feature "I've Seen the Power of the Lord." However, my favorite of his on this project is "The Unexpected Storm." Andrew does an incredible job on this song. The message of this song I can see resonating with so many people.

"Time Has Made a Change" features Tracy Stuffle with special guests Karen Peck Gooch and Kelly Nelon Clark. The song is a Nelons classic. Tracy performed the song live with Karen and Kelly at National Quartet Convention this year. It's really amazing to hear him singing like he is with all he's been through. It's a true testament to the power of God.

This latest project by the Perrys is a must-have this year. This mixed group shows that what they have been through in recent years has only made them stronger. They always have a knack for having incredible songs, and this project is full of them! Make sure you purchase Sing!

Song List -
1. "Did I Just Hear the Thunder"
2. "Keep On"
3. "Fear for Faith"
4. "The Unexpected Storm"
5. "Cry No More"
6. "I've Never Been There"
7. "Both Sides of the River"
8. "I Claim the Blood"
9. "Sing"
10. "Time Has Made a Change"
11. "I Have Seen the Power"

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