Thursday, July 30, 2015

What If - The McKameys - CD Review

The McKameys are one of those groups that I'm not as familiar with in this industry. I just don't see them that often. They released their latest project What If in June. The McKameys are one of those groups who have a unique sound and are very true to who they are and to what has worked for them for decades.

The opening song, “I’m Gonna Give It Away,” is a fun uptempo number that really sets the tone for the project. Sheryl wrote it and is featured on the song. This is one of four songs that Sheryl wrote on the project. The title track, “What If,” is another one that she wrote. Lyrically, this song is one of the strongest. It’s one of those songs that really makes you step back and examine your life and your faith. Definitely a highlight of the project! What if we really believed and lived our life like that?

Connie is featured on “Your Prayers Have Been Heard.” The song has a great encouraging message about how God always hears our prayers even when we are in the waiting season.

I really like the intro of “There Is a Peace.” Peg takes the lead on this one and does what she does best. “I Have a Home” is the other Peg feature on the project and the first single. I’ve already heard this song quite a bit on the radio.

“I’ll Give You Grace” was another standout for me on this project. It features Sheryl. I really love the message of this song. So many times we wait for God to gift us by taking the thorn or situation away from us, but His grace in those situations is just as great of a gift.

Let’s not leave the men of the group out. It’s great to hear Ei on “Where He Is.” Ruben takes the lead on “Lift My Voice,” and Roger has the feature on “Work in the Field.” This is a fun, uptempo song to end on with a bit of a bluegrass sound.

Fans know exactly what to expect from the McKameys, and What If shows their consistent sound they have always had in the industry.

Song List -

  1. “I’m Gonna Give It Away”
  2. “Your Prayers Have Been Heard”
  3. “There Is a Peace”
  4. “Where He Is”
  5. “While I Wait”
  6. “I’ll Give You Grace”
  7. “Lift My Voice”
  8. “I Have a Home”
  9. “What If”
  10. “Work in the Field”

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