Thursday, July 2, 2015

Full of Gratitude - Bowling Family Concert Recap

About five years ago, I remember going to Hot Springs for a Bowling Family concert. A week later, the family was in a serious bus accident that caused them to be off the road for close to a year. Since the group returned to the road, they have had a changed perspective and an even greater desire to fulfill the calling on their lives. Seeing the group five years later around the anniversary of the accident and again in Hot Springs, the gratitude for what God did for them that day is as evident as ever before. I love how each time I see the family, they still tell of how God answered prayers and spared their lives so they can keep on singing for His glory.

It was a great night of gratitude, worship and praise. Here's a lineup of what they sang - 
Bowling Family - Hope, Kelly and Mike Bowling
  • "I'll Be Alright As Soon As I Touch Calvary"
  • "On the Battlefield"
  • "I Know Enough" - Love hearing Kelly sing this song. This is becoming one of my favorite Bowling Family songs. The message of this song is great!
  • "That's What I Miss the Most" - Mike does such a great job on this song.
  • "One Glorious Moment of Faith" - This is the group's newest single that will be on their upcoming release. Hope is featured on this song, and wow! This song will be a defining moment in her career as a singer. It's absolutely incredible!
  • "Stand By the River" - The Bowling daughters sang this one. These girls together sound so great; they have a great blend. 
  • "Your Cries Have Awoken the Master" - This song never gets old! It wouldn't be a Bowling Family concert without this song.
  • "The Lighthouse" - Mike is one of my favorite people to hear sing this song. I love hearing him sing the Hinson classics!
  • "Don't You Wanna Go" - It's always great to hear this Crabb Family song and twice is a treat! People had such a great response to this song that they repeated it!
  • "I Could Still Go Free"
  • "I'm Glad I'm Saved"
  • "I Still Glory in the Cross" - Always such a great moment and a great song!
  • "I Never Shall Forget the Day"
During the concert Kelly shared about the accident as they showed news footage from the scene. "It didn't take God long at all to show up and show out even in the worst situation we've ever been through," Kelly said. "People started loving on us, and God used His people to support us." She shared that there was no reason they should be standing there that night singing. She recalled watching the news the night of the accident from the hospital bed hearing an officer say that he expected several fatalities. "When God has shown mercy and kept His hand on you, I never want to forget," she said. I love how they never tire of sharing how God spared them that day.

They had a time of invitation and a sweet time of worship to end the concert. It was an incredible night full of gratitude of what God has done. Even though most of us haven't experienced a traumatic accident like the Bowlings, we can all relate to situations in our life where God extended His mercy to us. It was a great reminder of how we should show our gratitude daily by the way we live our lives and telling others about the goodness of God.

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