Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sometimes He Whispers - Jay Parrack and Vocal Event - CD Review

Jay Parrack is best known for his time with Gold City where he was the group's tenor for 10 years. He comes back into the gospel music scene with his own group. He along with Anthony Hallman and Darren Morton make up Jay Parrack and Vocal Event. I first got to see this group in Branson at Silver Dollar City last year. I was immediately impressed with them and so I looked forward to hearing this release, and I was not disappointed!

The trio released Sometimes He Whispers in February. "Sometimes He Whispers" is the title track, the first sing and the highlight of the project. Jay has the feature on this song. The song was previously recorded by Adam Crabb, but Jay's version is just good. This song has such powerful lyrics, and Jay does a great job communicating that message.

The project starts with "Gift of Love" that's a cappella. It's a really interesting choice for an opening track, but I really like it! It shows right away the vocal abilities of this group and how well they blend. The song has a very classic sound.

"Since You Gave Me a Song" is a great Kenny Hinson song that features Anthony. He has a great voice, and this is definitely one of my favorites on the project!

The group shows off its country flair with "I Have Decided." This is another feature for Anthony. This country style really suits him. Jay shows off his upper range on one of the chorus repeats toward the end! He shows that he's still one of the best in the business. "Love Lifted Me" is another country flavored song. To me those are some of my favorites. I think it's where the group really shines.

Anthony and Darren also wrote on of the cuts, "Where Eternity Begins." The song features both of them. I really like inclusion of the "Angus Dei" toward the end with a choir backing them up, really nice touch.

Darren has the verses on "I Know Where Home Is" and "I Am Sure of You." He has a great voice that really holds the blend of the group together. He has some really tender moments in "I Am Sure of You."

Jay is featured on "Over the Moon." They have some fun with this song that makes it a must listen, but don't miss Jay's incredible tenor vocals on this song.

If you only know Jay Parrack from his Gold City days, definitely check this album out. Jay Parrack and Vocal Event have really set the bar high with this release. It's not a project that you want to miss this year!

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