Thursday, July 9, 2015

Remind Me of Calvary - When Lyrics Speak

I'm normally a planner, but sometimes life opens doors that you need to walk through. A few weeks ago at the last minute, things worked out for me to go to Memphis for a day during the Memphis Quartet Show. It was such a great day, and I'm so glad it worked out. During the matinee, the Second Half Quartet sang several older, Cathedral songs. I'll be honest since I didn't really "grow up" on this music, some Cathedral songs I'm just not familiar with. (Yes, I realize that makes me a bad gospel music fan and a bad blogger, I'm trying to remedy that.) As soon as Mark Trammell started singing “When my heart is filled with pain, and I’m tempted to complain,” I knew this was going to be a message I needed to hear.

This past month has been difficult. My grandfather has been really struggling health wise and just a lot of uncertainties in our family. Questions with no answers. Playing the waiting game. None of these are fun. So an afternoon and night at the Memphis Quartet Show was a good break from everything. What I wanted was a break, a chance to get away and escape, but I hadn’t bargained on how much I would be ministered to and how much I would be reminded of how God is in control of all, no matter how things may seem.

The song "Remind Me of Calvary" was the perfect assurance I needed that afternoon. And it's a message I constantly need to hear. We all need to be reminded of Calvary, to be drawn to the cross. It’s so easy to lose sight of Christ, His goodness and mercy when everything around us can be so uncertain. Like I said, I’m a planner. I’m not a fan of the unknown. Thankfully, I was reminded of the cross. When life is unsteady, Jesus is faithful. He’s always there. We can trust Him, not because of what He’s done for us in the past or what He might do for us through these circumstances but because He’s God. He paid the price at Calvary because of His great love for us. We all need to just be reminded of Calvary and God’s faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty.

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