Wednesday, January 28, 2015

God's Been Faithful - Scotty Inman - Songwriter Series

The young songwriter series continues today with Scotty Inman of Triumphant Quartet. Scotty Inman started with Poet Voices in 2001. He joined Triumphant in 2002 as a charter member where he still is today with the same three other quartet members. He received Singing News Fan Awards in 2007 for Favorite Young Artist and Horizon Individual.

Scotty has written a number of songs for Triumphant Quartet and other groups. For this post, he shares the story behind the song, "God's Been  Faithful."

Triumphant Quartet had begun looking for songs for a new album. "That always gets my mind rolling on ideas and thoughts,” Scotty said. “This idea is simple, yet a strong truth. Though I’m relatively young God has been very faithful in my life. The song became even more of a testimony a year or two after it was written with the birth of my daughter Embry.” 

For Scotty, the lyric and melody came at the same time, but the hook of the song came first. “I had the chorus and the melody but was looking for direction on the verses. Sometimes I tend to overthink the verses, rookie mistake. Haha!” he said. “So I contacted my friend Dianne Wilkinson and she lead the way on the verses. Together we tweaked and finished the song.”

The line that stands out to Scotty is “In the darkest hour, there’s healing power.” He said that’s a link that rings in his ear when he hears the song.

“We had a rough first week with my daughter. They weren’t sure if she’d make it,” he said. Shortly after Embry was born she stopped breathing and had multiple seizures. She spent time in the ICU. Thankfully God touched her life and God healed her body.

While Triumphant decided to pass on the song because it didn’t seem to fit the project. “I personally felt someone with more life-lived should sing the verses,” he said. “Multiple groups have recorded the song like Mark Trammell Quartet, Liberty Quartet and the Thurstons.”

The song definitely means a lot to Scotty. “The song has truly been a blessing to me after the fact due to complications with Embry as well as more of life’s hurdles,” he said. “God has and continues to show His faithfulness daily.”

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