Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crabb Family Reunion - Concert Recap

Before we jump into the concert recap, let’s take a short trip back if you will to 2006. I was at Silver Dollar City for its Southern Gospel Picnic. The headliner that Sunday night was the Crabb Family who I had never seen live before. The problem was I was in college four hours away and had class the next day. My friends and I took the responsible route much to my dismay and missed that night’s concert so we could be fresh for classes the next morning. I missed seeing the Crabb Family together before they went their separate ways, because it was their last year of touring.

So needless to say, when I saw that one of their reunion dates this year was in Memphis, Tenn., I knew I had to be there. And the night was worth the wait. By far, it was one of the best gospel concerts I have ever attended. I know I can overuse superlatives and probably say the words “amazing” and “incredible” too many times, but this night will definitely stick out in my memory for years to come.

I had seen all but one of the Crabb siblings in their separate entities, but never all five of them together. Wow, there was something so special and God-ordained about the five of them singing together! I can’t explain the feeling that night, but there was such power and anointing that was evident throughout the night.

I was torn between really taking notes like I would for any other concert recap and just enjoying the concert. I didn’t quite take as many notes as normal, but you’re still going to get a recap because it definitely deserves that!

Mike Bowling kicked off the night with “On the Battlefield” and “Your Cries Have Awoken the Master.” He brought up his and Kelly’s three girls to sing “Stand By the River.” I had recently seen the Bowling Family in smaller setting than this. I was really impressed that the large crowd that night didn’t intimidate these three young singers one bit. They showed no signs of nervousness as they took the stage and sang!

Mike closed his portion with “Somebody’s Believing” telling the testimony of his healing before he sang. The song was written for the Bowling Family after hearing his testimony of how God healed him of polyps on his vocal chords. Great way to open the night!

Crabb Family - Aaron, Terah, Jason, Kelly and Adam
Then, the Crabb Family took the stage. From the first note, I knew the wait to see the siblings together had been worth it. They started with a tribute to Andrae Crouch by singing a medley of his songs including "Jesus Is the Answer," "Through It All" and "The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power." It was incredible!

They sang several of their most well-known songs during the first half including, "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus," "Shepherd's Call," "Please Come Down to Me," “Trail of Tears,” and "The Walk." Getting to hear all those songs finally live was so awesome! Aaron singing “Please Come Down to Me” was definitely a highlight of the night! I also loved hearing Kelly on “Trail of Tears,” one of my favorite Crabb songs!

Terah is the only member of the family now not singing full time. She came off the road early last year to be a full-time Mom to her son Logan. They brought him on stage right before intermission talking about what a great football player he was and would be in the future. Even though Terah hasn’t been singing full-time for a while like the others, you certainly couldn’t tell it. She was featured on several songs including, “I Go to the Rock,” “He’ll Make a Way” and a personal favorite “I’ve Come to Take You Home” in the second half.

Adam was the only member of the family I had never seen live before. He was featured on the harmonica playing “Amazing Grace,” and I was blown away!

It was good to hear not only the familiar favorite Crabb family songs, but also one from Together Again. They sang “If There Ever Was a Time,” one of my favorites from that project! “I’d Rather Have Jesus” was another highlight of the first half. They put so much emotion into it that you could tell every word was felt. Jason and Adam sang the verses with the family joining in on the chorus.

Toward the end of the first half, they sang “Something About the Name of Jesus.” There was such an amazing spirit of worship that filled the church as the crowd joined in just lifting up the name of Jesus. They closed with “Through the Fire” featuring Jason. All five siblings went to the front of the stage to sing. Such a powerful song and moment!!

Mike came out to start the second half with a request of “Call Me Gone.” He had another request to sing “The Lighthouse,” but he asked who would sing the female part since he was out there solo. Kelly, Hope and Jason came out to join him on the song! He sang a little bit of “Beulah Land” and then had Kelly sing “I Know Enough” that recently went #1 for the Bowling Family.

The Crabb Family came back out. They all sign a guitar at each concert and then give it away at intermission. So when they came back out, Jason asked who won the guitar and tuned it for the girl and then played it on the next song.

They sang a few more favorites like “Still Holding On,” “Travelin’ On” and “Redeemer.” I wish I could capture with words the spirit of the night. I don’t know if there were many still sitting down on “Redeemer.” They picked the tempo up then with “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before.” The crowd was still on its feet clapping. I don’t think anyone wanted the night to end even after hours of singing when the five siblings walked off the stage.

Thankfully, with the applause still going they came back for a few more songs including “I’m Going Home With Jesus” and “Please Forgive Me.” Then they gave the invitation, and people moved and responded. I think there were around 30 people saved that night. I love how it truly was a life-changing night of worship. Yes, we were there to see the Crabb Family, but ultimately it was all about Jesus.

I’ve been to a lot of gospel concerts, but this one will definitely stand out in my mind. When I do the top moments of the year, expect to see this concert on the list. They have a handful of dates left this year. If they are anywhere near you, go! If there had been another date close, I would have gone again. Seriously.

I might have had to wait several years to see the full family together, but I can confidently say this night was worth the wait.

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