Thursday, January 22, 2015

Adam's Fall - Amber Eppinette - Young Gospel Songwriter

I am so excited to start a new series on the blog this week! This series will feature some of the younger songwriters in the industry and the stories behind songs they have written. While we hear the finished product at a concert or on a CD, we often don't think about the process and how the idea for the song came about. We have so many great talented songwriters in the industry, but for this series, I'll be talking to the younger ones and inspiration behind the songs they have written.

Amber Eppinette
I'm kicking off the series with Amber Eppinette of 11th Hour. The first song she's sharing about is "Adam's Fall."

At age 16 I was going through a time that most writers would consider a time of fog or had "writer's
block," Amber said. "It lasted for a few months and I started praying for God to give me a song like never before." She didn't pray for just any song, but a song that would speak of salvation and the experience she had and has. She sat down in her home studio and started playing the melody. Just two hours later, "Adam's Fall" was penned.

The song has gripping lyrics. “There are many lines that really grab my heart strings but one in particular comes to mind the most, ‘Now I have eternal life for His blood has been applied. He placed it on the Mercy Seat and now I stand in HIM complete,’” Amber said.

11th Hour recorded this song on its Gather Round project in 2010. Amber was very touched the first time she heard the song after they recorded it. “I bawled like a baby,” she said. “Gordon Mote produced this song and the orchestration that was added really brought what I wrote from my heart to life. Almost to the point where I felt like I could touch the music that was surrounding me.”

The song is now eight years old, but it’s still just as moving. “I am now 24 years old, and this song will never become old to me simply because salvation is more real every day to me and gets sweeter in the journey too,” Amber said.

Look for more songs from Amber in the coming weeks. And check back next week to hear from another young songwriter in the industry!

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