Monday, August 25, 2014

Plenty of Shoutin' on Day Three of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic

We are now through with day three of the Southern Gospel Picnic. We got out to the park to see four shows today. There was a bit of a Gold City reunion, a lot of American pride and it all ended with a little bit of shoutin’! :)

Wilburn and Wilburn

The first show was Wilburn and Wilburn. The first time I got to see this group was at last year’s festival. In an industry where duets are not the norm, this father/ son duo makes it work well! They started the set with “John Saw a Mighty Number.” Then, Jonathan was featured on “I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand” and “There Rose a Lamb.” They sang the uptempo song, “Devil Be Gone,” and at the end Jordan put a few extra vocal aerobics in it. Jonathan said he was just showing out. A man from the audience yelled out, “I wonder who he gets that from!” Haha! Jordan then sang one of their newer songs that I love, “Help Me Help Someone.” They ended with “Funeral Plans.” Jonathan said Christians are the only ones who get to sing and shout about dying. This father/son duo is just fun to watch on stage in person. I hope to get to see them in full concert one day.

Reggie Saddler Family
Then, we made our way to the Opera House for Reggie Saddler. He did a lot more singing and serious moments than what I had seen in the past. He didn’t do his impersonations or pick his guitar, although I’m sure that happened at other shows during the day. They sang a few songs like “God Can Make a Winner,” “Oh I Want to See Him” and “Never Seen It Done Like That.” Then, Reggie talked about being a Vietnam veteran and what it was like to come home and not received a warm welcome. They sang “Welcome Home Soldier” and he dedicated it to the veterans in the audience. Then they sang “Stand Up For America,” which of course had the audience on its feet. They closed with “I’ve Got Me a Home” and “I’m Too Near.”

Jay Parrack and Vocal Event
For the second phase of the Gold City reunion day, we saw Jay Parrack and Vocal Event. I loved the lineup of Jay, Jonathan, Mark Trammell and Tim Riley for Gold City, but I never got to see them in person. So this was actually my first time seeing Jay live. They sang several familiar songs including “What a Beautiful Day,” “Passed Over Into Canaanland,” “There Rose a Lamb” and “I Call Him Lord.” From his introductions of the other group members, I’m gathering that this is not a full-time ministry for them. However, they sounded great together and definitely have the talent for full time. They sang “I Call Him Lord” and ended with a little bit of “I Know a Man Who Can” a cappella and then sang the chorus again of “I Call Him Lord” a cappella. Great arrangement and love their harmonies!! They ended with “I’m Not Giving Up.”

The Hoppers were the group last night in Echo Hollow. Before the concert started, Danny Jones came out to talk about the Singing News. He asked Claude to join him on stage and announced that Claude would be inducted in the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame for 2014. Congratulations to Claude!!

The Hoppers

The Hoppers took the stage with three generations represented with Karlye, Dean and Kim’s daughter joining them. They sang a lot of favorites, some news songs, a few hymns and of course Claude told a few stories! They started the night with “Steppin’ on the Clouds” and then went into “Yahweh.” They sang their current sing “I’ll Take You Home,” probably my favorite from their latest project.

Kim then was featured on “I’ll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus.” Karlye took Connie’s part on this song, so it was good to have a chance to hear her by herself. She really has a unique, youthful vocal style that she brings to the group, but you can definitely hear Kim in her and I think a bit of her aunt TaRanda as well. They started the song again a cappella with Karlye, Kim, Dean and Mike and it sounded incredible!! They also sang the classics “What a Lovely Name” and “The Love of God,” which was a highlight for me!!

Dean sang “God Bless the USA,” and the audience stood. Before the concert started, we sang both “God Bless America” and the national anthem. Claude also told of how he served his country and was trained at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. It was definitely a patriotic theme to the night.

Claude and Connie sang their signature songs, “If I Can Help Somebody” and “I’ve Come Too Far.” Connie after the song talked about how she wouldn’t want to go back. She was 35 years cancer free. We can’t go back to the past only make the most of the future. She told Kim to start it off again and of course she did! Again it was Kim, Dean, Karlye and Mike who did the a cappella chorus. Kim kept holding the “the,” and Dean was trying to jump in. Kim just started teasing them with it, so Dean just said “I’m ready.” Haha!

Kim and Dean also sang one of my favorites, but one I don’t hear them sing that much live, “The Woman in my Little Girl’s Room.” Such a sweet song!!

They ended the night with “Shoutin’ Time,” and repeated the chorus several times with the audience standing and clapping along!

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  1. I enjoy reading your observations about the silver dollar city concerts. I could not go this year because of other commitments, but I plan on going next year. This will be the first year in several years that I have not been there. Keep up the good work.


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