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Making the Home State Proud - Mark Trammell Quartet Concert Recap

Mark Trammell Quartet - Dustin Black, Nick Trammell,
Mark Trammell and 
Friday night in Jacksonville, Ark. gospel music fans packed out a small church to hear the Mark Trammell Quartet and two guys specifically who did their home state proud.

This was my first chance to hear the group since Randy Byrd joined them. The last time I saw them another Arkansas native Wade Lentz was filling in. Randy spent part of his childhood around Benton, Ark. and had his own fan base there to support him. In fact, after introducing Randy, Mark asked those who were family members and friends to stand, and we were surrounded by people standing!! 

The night started off with "Leave Your Sorrows." The audience was so receptive and started the night off clapping right along. Next, they sang one of their new songs, "To Know He Loves Me." I love hearing all the new songs live. It still impresses me how many of them they stage each night.

Then, they went back and sang a couple of older ones, "How Long Has It Been" and "Ransomed and Redeemed." I'm really impressed by how well the guys are blending together already.

Mark introduced the group before they continued singing again with "Echoes From the Burning Bush." Then, they sang the classic "Wedding Music." This was the first chance to really hear Randy alone. He, like Pat, is a singer not just a bass. I'm pretty sure this was my first time to hear Randy with any group. I was definitely impressed with what he adds to the group. "Amazing Grace the Sweetest Song I Know" was next. Love that they chose to sing this one!

Mark talked about growing up in Arkansas, not far from Jacksonville. He talked about his dad dragging him to his first gospel concert at Robinson Auditorium. It was the first night he heard the song "Sweetest Song I Know." It was the Happy Goodman Family, and he never forgot that night. He said they made an instant fan of him and he was glad his dad drug him there that night. He said he thinks that night is what started all of this.

He said every time he looked out he saw someone else he knew. He said that he cherished his time with the people in the great state of Arkansas. He talked about the influence people here had on him growing up. Then, he said that there was one in the midst who had never heard people call the Hogs, because he's a Wolverine (Dustin). Before they sang another song he wanted him to know what that sounded like. So we all stood and called the Hogs in church! Mark said that he guaranteed that was a whole lot more religious than some things that went on in church. I must say that I agree. Loved it!!!

They got back to the music with "When the King Comes to Claim His Throne," another new one. Then, Mark was featured on "God's Been Faithful." Love hearing him sing this one live! A highlight of the night!

Nick was featured on another new one that he co-wrote "Don't Stop Running." He has really come into his own and is making his mark as lead singer for the group.

They sang their title cut, "Your Walk Talks," next. Mark talked about how the song was written several years ago on a cruise to Alaska. Rodney Griffin sang it to him just after he and Babie Mason wrote it. Mark told him that he wanted it and to not let anyone else hear it, not even Gerald Wolfe! :)

The closed the first half with "Too Much to Gain to Lose." Mark dedicated it to the pastors and those in the ministry to encourage them. He told the story of a pastor friend who had almost given up. He said that if you are willing to do what God's called you to do, and you're not choosy about where you do it, God will keep you busy.

After a short break, the group came back with "Meet Me Over on the Other Side" and "Wonderful Time Up There." Then Dustin was featured on "'Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus." My favorite hymn, and he does an incredible job on it!

They picked up the pace with "I'll Take It To the Grave." And they closed the night with "The King Is Coming." Another highlight of the night. Love hearing them all sing this song!

It was a great night of music and laughs with the Mark Trammell Quartet. It was good to see the group with Randy Byrd for the first time. Glad to have another strong Arkansas tie in the group, and they definitely made Arkansas proud!

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