Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Not So Plain Night with Jeff and Sheri Easter - Concert Recap

Sunday night I made my way through the hills of Arkansas to Plainview. You really have to know where you are going to get there. After 20 miles of the same scenery and no cell service, I just prayed that we were in fact headed the right direction to Plainview. Thankfully we were. And the trek to Plainview was well worth getting to see Jeff and Sheri Easter.

Morgan, Sheri and Jeff Easter
The church sang a few songs to start the service. As Jeff and Sheri Easter were introduced the congregation stood welcoming them to the stage. They started the concert with "Life is Great and Getting Better" and then sang "Anything But Happy." The audience stood clapping through the first two songs. They sang "Over and Over" next. It was good to hear them stage this song again. Love hearing Jeff sing it!

Jeff then talked about how glad they were to be in Plainview and you definitely don't just happen to you to Plainview. I definitely agreed! He introduced Morgan and then she sang "Either Way." She continues to grow as a singer and just keeps getting better!

Jeff talked about always liking to encourage the married couples in the audience. Sheri talked about seeing the love between Mom and Pop Lewis and how they were married for more than 70 years. Then they sang "Sitting on Top of the World." I love this cute love song! One of my favorites from Eyes Wide Open.

Then, Jeff introduced Landan Smith, their drummer, who is 16 years old. Jeff and Landan did an instrumental version of "Amazing Grace" with " I'll Fly Away" and had the audience sing along. Madison who would normally join them on the song was not traveling with them for the weekend. He and Shannon (his wife) were home working in their studio. I hope this means they are recording some new stuff together. If you haven't checked out their EPs, you should!

Sheri talked about how she loved being able to travel and sing gospel music because of the hope and encouragement that it offers. She said that we have struggles and hardships to endure in our own unique circumstances. Sheri just celebrated six years as a breast cancer survivor. She said that one thing she learned about going through the tough stuff is what a wonderful teacher the valley can be, if we just allow it. Just let that soak in a minute. What an incredible truth in that statement!! We learn more about ourselves and our God in the tough times than we ever do on our best days.

Sheri shared an excerpt from her devotional book. She learned what a gift writing can be through her journey and how it helps her grow and remember. Then she sang "I Know How It Feels to Survive." Such a powerful moment! Love seeing and hearing her sing knowing that she feels every word of the song.

Jeff then did a video duet with his dad, "Like Father, Like Son." They showed this video, and Jeff sang his part live. It was a really neat way to incorporate a song from the project he did with his dad. He talked about his dad and how much he means to him. Then Jeff, Morgan and Sheri sang "I Get To" to end the first half.

Jeff asked for requests during the second half. Of course, "Party Time" was the first one requested. Then, Jeff pulled up a man from the church to sing "Call Me Gone" with him. He was unsure of the words and Jeff fed them to him, but he was a good sport about it and did a good job!

Sheri then asked about one they had never sung before. She sang the Hemphill song "The Only Real Peace" which was one that she sang when she was 16. She had them repeat the second verse. I was not familiar with the song, but loved it!! Then, Jeff sang another Hemphill song "Sing the Glory Down."

A man in the audience requested "Guilty." Since it's an older song, Jeff couldn't quite remember all the words, so he had the man come up and sing it with him. Then, they had a request for "Praise His Name," which Sheri sang.

They closed the night with "Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me." The audience stood and sang with them.

It was a great night; it's always good to see Jeff and Sheri Easter when they are in Arkansas. We might have been in Plainview, but there was nothing plain about the night we had!

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