Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Transformation Tuesday - Mylon Hayes Family

With family groups, there are definite shifts that occur. New generations of the family are born and take their place on stage. Gospel music is blessed with many different family groups and names that are carrying on the legacy of previous generations.

Mylon Hayes started with his family at a young age. As a teenager he was singing full-time with his parents, Lucy and Howard Hayes, and his siblings. He not only sang but also played bass guitar. Here's a look at him with his family.

Now Mylon Hayes has a family of his own. He along with his wife Wendy and children Connor, Bailey and Kennedy are carrying on the Hayes Family tradition. They put out their first project as the Mylon Hayes Family in 2011. And with their kids already taking their places on stage, I'm sure the family legacy will carry on!

Here's a look at Mylon Hayes now singing with his family at last year's NQC (video on YouTube by Diana Brantley)  -

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