Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Letting Your Walk Talk - Mark Trammell Quartet Concert Recap

It's always great to have Mark Trammell return to his home state of Arkansas. I had not had the chance to see the group in a while. I was looking forward to seeing them and also hearing song from their new project Your Walk Talks. They did not disappoint! It was a great night of gospel music with one of the best quartets around.

Mark Trammell Quartet - Dustin Black, Nick Trammell, Mark Trammell
and Pat Barker
It really speaks to how strong an album is when a group stages almost the entire album during a concert. They sang nine new songs! I had been hoping to hear a few, so I was very pleasantly surprised to hear almost all of them.

They started the night with "I'll Go Over Jordan Someday." They went into the familiar favorite, "How Long Has It Been." Love hearing them on this hymn! Then, they sang "Ransomed and Redeemed."

Nick was featured on a song that he wrote "Don't Stop Running." Nick did an incredible job; it's a fun one to hear live! Then, Mark sang "God's Been Faithful." This was one that stood out in the night, as a powerful performance by Mark, but also the lyrics definitely hit home that night!

Next, they picked up the pace with "Echoes from the Burning Bush" and then went into "Wedding Music," always a crowd favorite.

After the group introductions, they sang another new song that was also written by Nick and Rodney Griffin "To Know He Knows Me." Mark said that they hadn't really done the next one on stage, and he hoped they remembered all the words. It was "When the King Come to Claim His Throne." They did remember all the words, and it was great! So glad they included it in their set!

They ended the first half with "Man of Sorrows." Mark talked about how powerful that name of Jesus was, thinking of all He went through to bear the burden of our sins. Beautiful song! Dustin really came on strong with the "O What a Savior" part. Wonderful way to end the first half!

During the break, the track to "The Sweetest Song I Know" was playing. When they got back to the stage, Mark commented that he could see people were enjoying that song, and they should sing it even though it hadn't been planned! The audience definitely loved it! Then, they sang another familiar song, "Meet Me Over on the Other Side."

They sang the title track of their latest project next, "Your Walk Talks." This was probably my favorite one to hear and see live. It's just a fun song, and I loved Pat's bass lines in there!

Mark said they had gotten several requests before the concert for the next song, a song that was originally called the "Gospel Boogie." It was "Wonderful Time Up There," which featured Pat. Love this song, and you can tell Pat has so much fun singing it. This started a string of Pat features with "Thanks to Calvary" being next. It was another stand out of the night. It's great to hear him on slower songs like this. It truly speaks to the vocalist he is. Then they sang "I'll Take it to the Grave."

They ended the night with "The King Is Coming," which was amazing as always. Very powerful end to the night!

It was a great night of quartet singing, which is exactly what you expect with the Mark Trammell Quartet. They truly are one of the best in the industry today. And considering yesterday's news of Pat's departure, I'm so glad I got to see the group Saturday night. It was a night to remember!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your most innovative thoughts and experience. "God's Been Faithful." i like this gospel music so much.

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